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Audio Funnel

Audio Funnel is a user-level audio interception utility, which can can redirect audio over the network to a remote server. It uses the FLAC codec to transmit the audio, and can also send album art and metadata, to create a neat visual display.

The current client implementation was written as an Windows iTunes visualizer plugin, which hot-patches the DirectSound api in order to steal the audio for its own nefarious purposes.

The server implementation is written with SDL, so it should be portable to any modern platform.

Admittedly, this project was way more impressive when I got it working some ~5 years ago, before the iTunes AirPlay private keys were cracked. Still, with a little bit more work, it could be adapted to interface with any application (like say, Spotify), so the code may have some life left. 

The code has bit-rotted somewhat, but the hot-patching functionality is interesting enough that I would prefer not to lose it, so i figure it can't hurt to post it publically.