Python script, which given a CSV file of street intersections will find lat, long & elevation
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Given CSV of street intersections in San Francisco, this will encode lat, long and elevation fields using Google Map API Keys

by Scott Kildall

Input CSV This should be called "input.csv"

It should have a header, which describes each column Column 1: this should always be the intersection, using the format: "Bryant & 16th" or "S Van Ness & 15th". Always use an ampersand for the street names.

Column 2, 3, 4, etc can be any custom data. This will be saved to the output CSV

What it does (1) Google Maps will translate this intersection to a lat, long. We always add ", SF" to the end so that it knows this is San Francisco

(2) From the lat + long, we use the Google Elevate API to get an elevation, in feet.

(3) Creates a CSV with this new info in it and copies the old one.

Output CSV This should be called "output.csv"

Headers will be preserved, with "lat", "lng" and "ele" added for lat, long and elevation

Column 1 = Street intersection Column 2 = Latitude, floating point number Column 3 = Longitude, floating point number Column 4 = Elevation, floating point number Other columns, match the input CSV

API Keys I have garbage keys, in the file: "google_api_key.txt". You'll want to request your own from the Google Maps API.