LyX Template for Princeton Dissertation
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LyX Template for Princeton Dissertation

This LyX template makes it easy to format your Princeton dissertation according to the Mudd guidelines (

To get started, download all .lyx and .bib files, open princeton-diss.lyx and compile to PDF. If you do not get errors and the PDF looks good on a quick scroll-through, you are ready to start adapting the template to your own dissertation. If you are not familiar with Git, you can download the required files by clicking on the "Releases" link on this page (just above the olive-colored line) to download a compressed archive containing the necessary files.

For any bugs or ideas to improve the template, please start a new GitHub issue. If you need to communicate through email, please contact

Thanks to the following Princeton PhD alumni, who have successfully used and improved this template throughout the years:

  • Alfonso Cebreros
  • Diogo Guillén
  • Neel Sukhatme
  • Peter Van Tassel