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Utility for syncing images and video from Garmin Virb cameras over WiFi
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This is designed to download photos and video from Garmin Virb action cameras over WiFi using the Virb API.

It has been tested with a Virb Ultra 30 and a Virb 360. It'll probably also work with the Virb X, Virb XE, and Garmin's Dashcams, but these haven't been tested.

It can be run in two modes: --mirror and --nomirror. If --mirror is used, then it will attempt to reproduce the file structure from the Garmin camera and copy all of the metadata files referenced in the camera's media list, including .FIT files. This should be enough for it to work with VirbEdit, but it hasn't been tested yet. When run in --nomirror mode, the program will only download the primary image files (.JPG and .MP4) and will ignore .FIT, .THM, .GLV, and other files. In --nomirror mode, all downloaded files will be written to a single directory, and no attempt will be made to reproduce Garmin's directory structure.

In short, if you just want the videos, use --nomirror. If you want to feed the videos to VirbEdit or similar tools, then use --mirror.

--output_directory tells camsync which local directory to write to.

--camera is the camera's hostname or IP address.

Use --logtostderr to get additional debugging data.


This is not an officially supported Google product.

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