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UPS shutdown tool for the Raspberry Pi in the Andino X1 industrial enclosure connected to the Andino UPS.
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ups-shutdown-for-andino is a utility for shutting down an Andino X1 when the Andino UPS signals low power.

The Andino X1 is a Raspberry Pi in a industrial case, with a 24 VDC power supply and an embedded Arduino. The Andino UPS is a small 24 VDC uninteruptable power supply that can power the Andino X1 for a minute or two after power loss, and signal when it's running low on power. This code reads that low power signal and triggers a clean shutdown. That means that you can ignore the Raspberry Pi in the Andino X1 and simply power the entire enclosure up and down as needed, knowing that it'll shut down cleanly when power is lost.

To wire this up, follow Andino's directions on GitHub. Basically, wire the "Power Fail Relay" on the UPS to Digital Input 1 on the Andino X1, following the ground and power wiring as shown. Then install Andino's drivers inside of Raspian, so that you can talk to their Arduino on /dev/ttyAMA0.

Once that is complete, compile ups-shutdown-for-andino by running go build and install it in /sbin. For systems that use systemd (like Raspian and Ubuntu), copy ups-shutdown-for-andino.service to /etc/systemd/system/. Run systemctl enable ups-shutdown-for-andino to enable to start on reboot, and systemctl start ups-shutdown-for-andino to start it immediately.


This is not an officially supported Google product.

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