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View European soccer/football standings from your terminal
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Standings is a command line gem which allows you to view European soccer/football standings from your terminal.

There is currently support for the English Premier League, English Championship, Scottish Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and Bundesliga.

To install:

$ gem install standings

To use, type standings from your command line, followed by a flag representing a league, e.g.:

$ standings -e
$ standings --epl

For a full list of league flags run $ standings -h

Programmatic use

You may want to consume these results in your own applications. To do so, initialize a new Standings::TableFetcher instance by passing in a symbol argument representing the league you wish to see results for. A list of the symbols is available in Standings::LeagueReference

results =

If successful, this call will return a Standings::LeagueResults instance with two methods:

  • #league, equal to the initial argument passed to the Standings::TableFetcher instance
  • #results, an array of Standings::TableFetcher::Team structs, sorted such that the first place team is in the 0 index of the array

If this call is unsuccessful, the method will throw either a Standings::TableFetcher::FetchError or Standings::TableFetcher::ParseError.

Code by Scott Luptowski and released under MIT to the extent it is possible. I claim no ownership of any of the league data represented.

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