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A collection of samples for validating and decrypting signed and encrypted requests from Facebook.
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signed & encrypted requests

Provides samples for decoding signed and encrypted requests in a few different languages. To run the tests:


Note, you'll likely need to ensure some extensions are available in your environment.


Requires PyCrypto. To install, run:

 easy_install pycrypto


You will need a build of Ruby with OpenSSL support. Additionally, you'll need JSON. To install, run

 gem install json


Java requires these libraries:

If you see a exception along the lines of Illegal key size, you may need to get the right policy files to allow the use of AES-256 encryption. The policy files are available here.


You'll need these extensions:

If these aren't installed, then your script will fail with a message like:

 Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_create_iv()

If they aren't activated but are present on your system, you can try to activate them by adding these lines to your php.ini file:

If that doesn't work (gives as "Unable to load dynamic library" error), then you'll need to recompile PHP with the extensions included or install the extension using your system package manager.

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