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Enhanced version of the python syntax highlighting script
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This is a mirror of

Enhanced version of the original (from vim6.1) python.vim for Python programming language.

The changes since the original python.vim are:

- changed strings highlighting;
- enhanced special symbols highlighting inside strings;
- enhanced numbers highlighting;
- added optional highlighting for %-formatting inside strings;
- added highlighting for some error conditions (wrong symbols in source file,
  mixing spaces and tabs, wrong number values,
  wrong %-formatting inside strings);
- added highlighting for magic comments: source code encoding
  and #! (executable) strings;
- added highlighting for new exceptions and builtins introduced in python 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5;
- added highlighting for doctests;
- added highlighting for new @decorator syntax introduced in Python 2.4a2;
- added highlighting for trailing-space errors (triggered by new
  option: python_highlight_space_errors);
- added highlighting for variable name errors;
- added highlighting for hex number errors;
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