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OSX Homedir

Bootstrapping a brand spanking new machine

On a freshly installed macOS Sierra machine the following commands will get everything configured.

sudo xcodebuild -license
curl -L 2> /dev/null | bash

Manual Steps

  • Map capslock to control
  • Set trackpad to tap-to-click
  • Launch 1Password and authenticate via credentials+salt stored on a dead tree
  • Launch shiftit and get it setup
  • Launch flycut and get it setup

So What's Included?

The following is made available by being cloned in the $HOME directory:

  • bash configuration
  • git configuration
  • ~/bin (added to PATH)
  • neovim configuration

The rest is installed/configured by ~/bin/coalesce_this_machine:

  • runs sprout-wrap automation which does the following:
    • fixes my Dock
    • sets a fast key repeat rate
    • makes the function keys act as function keys
    • changes my menubar clock format
  • runs homebrew things.
  • installs neovim plugins
  • runs OSX softwareupdates