A demo of how to use Vagrant to stand up a database server
Ruby Shell


Postgresql database server whenever you need one


You'll need to have the following tools installed for this to work


This repo contains everything necessary to stand up a local instance of an ubuntu 14.04 server running postgresql.

To get the server going execute the following in the directory:

script/database up

To shutdown the database server do the following:

script/database down

To destroy the database server do the following (this will remove all data):

script/database destroy

From a terminal you can also start a shell (given that you have the postgresql client on your host operating system).

psql -h localhost -U postgres --password
enter password: password


You'll need to know a little bit about chef, but if you're feeling up for it, you can tweak config.yaml. It's essentially the node attributes that will be loaded by chef when performing the chef execution.


This vagrant box takes port 5432 so if you have processes listening on those ports then things might not work.