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Rule: thehelp/absolute-or-current-dir

This rule is designed to prevent this confusing and error-prone pattern:

var app = require('../../../lib/app'); # invalid
import app from '../../../lib/app'; # invalid

Instead pushing you to just two options:

var app = require('lib/app');
var peer = require('./peer');

import app from 'lib/app';
import peer from './peer';

Either dependencies come from the same directory or an absolute path is required. You can still require node modules like usual. But you can't require something from a child directory:

var child = require('./sub/child'); # invalid
import child from './sub/child'; # invalid

For both of these situations you'd be required to use an absolute path.

Absolute paths?

If you aren't using absolute paths today, this might seem impossible. How do you get this to work in Node.js, for example? First, let's talk about the browser. Webpack makes it very easy to set up additional search paths. In your webpack.config.js:

  resolve: {
    // enable absolute path references at the root of the project
    root: __dirname,

On the server side, it's a little more involved. Before doing any dependency loads from absolute paths, you'll need to add a dependency lookup path with the app-module-path node module. Say you created src/setup_module_path.js in your project and you wanted to set up a lookup at the root of the project:

import path from 'path';
import modulePath from 'app-module-path';

modulePath.addPath(path.join(__dirname, '..'));

Now in other files in the project, just pull this in first:

import '../src/setup_module_path';

import path from 'path';
import thing from 'src/modules/thing';

// ...


Now, how to set this up for your application? If you just turn this rule on, you'll get an error on that first line, pulling in ../src/setup_module_path. But you can't do anything, because absolute paths aren't set up yet! Fear not, exceptions to the rescue:

  'thehelp/absolute-or-current-dir': ['error', {
    exceptions: [/setup_module_path$/],

exceptions is an array of strings (to be compared exactly) or regular expressions which will be compared against the target of the require() or import. If a match is found, no error is thrown.