Ionic 3.9.2 App with WordPress and WooCommerce integration
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Completely rewritten and updated for Ionic 3.9.2 Feb 2018

A demo mobile app that uses the Ionic Framework, and integrates with WordPress through the WP-API.



How to setup

Blog post and tutorial here:

  • Install Ionic CLI tools
  • Clone this repository, and run npm install
  • Open providers/configure/configure.ts and enter your WordPress site url
  • If using WooCommerce, enter your auth key in configure.ts as described
  • To use Stripe payments, add your publishable key in app.module.ts
  • Install the SB App Integration plugin
  • run ionic serve to see it in your browser


This app uses basic authentication over SSL to pull products from the WooCommerce REST API.

To use the WooCommerce module, you must create a REST API key in WooCommerce:

In the app, go to providers/configure/configure.ts and change the Authorization header. This is a base64 encoded string of your consumer key and secret. You can generate these using btoa(key:secret), but keep in mind these are discoverable in your app files even in a signed native app package.

Example getting your auth header

consumer key: ck_7af7efdb4ef8708b5f8d5ccdacbd1d8e8ce0f8d5 consumer secret: cs_8777f8b0de8435162162daf22f7e6944ab2bec40

Visit an online base64 encoder and enter your key and secret separated by a semi-colon:


Click encode. Copy the encoded string that looks like this:


Visit providers/configure/configure.ts and change the return string in getAuth to:

return 'Basic Y2tfN2FmN2VmZGI0ZWY4NzA4YjVmOGQ1Y2NkYWNiZDFkOGU4Y2UwZjhkNTpjc184Nzc3ZjhiMGRlODQzNTE2MjE2MmRhZjIyZjdlNjk0NGFiMmJlYzQw';

Included features:

  • WP-API v2 and WooCommerce REST API v2 integration
  • Product list
  • Single product pages
  • Add to cart
  • Cart modal
  • Basic multi-step checkout
  • Stripe payments