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Capstone 1 is my Gift Card Exchange, where people can buy or sell giftcards
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Steps to run Gift Card X-change

  1. Clone Repository
  2. use http-server to start the program
  3. Specify a Seller User Account (specify account/password and press Register button).
  4. Fill out Personal Info and press Save button.
  5. To sell card, click on "Sell Cards" option in Menu.
  6. Specify Card info (Card Merchant, Value, Expiration Date, Further card details) and press Save button.
  7. Card to be sold appears in "Cards I'm Selling" section below.
  8. Log out.
  9. Specify a Buyer User Account (repeat Setps 3 and 4). 10 To buy cards, click on "Buy Cards" option in Menu.
  10. Questions to the seller of any card is done by entering text in the textfield above and pressing the Question button of the card you are interested in. The Question will appear the next time the Seller logs in. The Seller's response will appear the next time the Buyer logs in.
  11. To find out the details of the card the seller left, press the Details button at the bottom-right of the card.
  12. To purchase the card, press the Buy button in the bottom-left of the card.
  13. Cards the Buyer owns will appear in the "Cards I Own" section, above the "Cards For Sale" section.
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