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Updated pulsar catalog, renamed it, added some aliases

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scottransom committed Sep 22, 2012
1 parent 853cd15 commit 1625f6ac787d595a97f0dde39b0b1a6862facada
Showing with 2,434 additions and 2,172 deletions.
  1. +19 −0 lib/aliases.txt
  2. +2,413 −2,154 lib/psr_catalog.txt
  3. BIN lib/
  4. +1 −17 lib/python/{ →}
  5. +1 −1 src/Makefile
@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ J0024-7204T J0024-7204T 47TucT
J0024-7204U J0024-7204U 47TucU
J0024-7204V J0024-7204V 47TucV
J0024-7204W J0024-7204W 47TucW
+J0024-7204X J0024-7204X 47TucX
+J0024-7204Y J0024-7204Y 47TucY
J0142+61 J0142+61 0142
J0205+6449 J0205+6449 3C58
J0218+4232 J0218+4232 0218
@@ -54,6 +56,7 @@ J1518+0205C J1518+0205C M5C
J1518+0205D J1518+0205D M5D
J1518+0205E J1518+0205E M5E
J1537+1155 B1534+12 1534
+J1546-3747A J1546-3747A NGC5986A
J1623-2631 B1620-26 M4A
J1641+3627A B1639+36A M13A
J1641+3627B B1639+36B M13B
@@ -95,8 +98,22 @@ J1748-2446V J1748-2446V Ter5V
J1748-2446W J1748-2446W Ter5W
J1748-2446X J1748-2446X Ter5X
J1748-2446Y J1748-2446Y Ter5Y
+J1748-2446Z J1748-2446Z Ter5Z
+J1748-2446aa J1748-2446aa Ter5aa
+J1748-2446ab J1748-2446ab Ter5ab
+J1748-2446ac J1748-2446ac Ter5ac
+J1748-2446ad J1748-2446ad Ter5ad
+J1748-2446ae J1748-2446ae Ter5ae
+J1748-2446af J1748-2446af Ter5af
+J1748-2446ag J1748-2446ag Ter5ag
+J1748-2446ah J1748-2446ah Ter5ah
+J1748-2446ai J1748-2446ai Ter5ai
J1750-37 J1750-37 NGC6441A
J1801-2451 B1757-24 G5.4
+J1801-0857A J1801-0857A NGC6517A
+J1801-0857B J1801-0857B NGC6517B
+J1801-0857C J1801-0857C NGC6517C
+J1801-0857D J1801-0857D NGC6517D
J1803-30 J1803-30 NGC6522A
J1804-0735 B1802-07 NGC6539A
J1807-2459A J1807-2459A NGC6544A
@@ -108,6 +125,8 @@ J1823-3021A B1820-30A NGC6624A
J1823-3021B B1820-30B NGC6624B
J1823-3021C J1823-3021C NGC6624C
J1824-2452 B1821-24 M28A
+J1836-2354A J1836-2354A M22A
+J1836-2354B J1836-2354B M22B
J1841-0456 J1841-0456 Kes73
J1845-0256 J1845-0256 G29.6
J1846-0258 J1846-0258 Kes75
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