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#ifndef _FOLD_H
#define _FOLD_H
#include "polyco.h"
struct foldbuf {
int nbin;
int nchan;
int npol;
float *data;
unsigned *count;
void malloc_foldbuf(struct foldbuf *f);
void free_foldbuf(struct foldbuf *f);
void clear_foldbuf(struct foldbuf *f);
size_t foldbuf_data_size(const struct foldbuf *f);
size_t foldbuf_count_size(const struct foldbuf *f);
int normalize_transpose_folds(float *out, const struct foldbuf *f);
struct fold_args {
struct polyco *pc;
int imjd;
double fmjd;
char *data;
int nsamp;
double tsamp;
int raw_signed;
struct foldbuf *fb;
float *scale;
float *offset;
void *fold_8bit_power_thread(void *_args);
int fold_8bit_power(const struct polyco *pc, int imjd, double fmjd,
const char *data, int nsamp, double tsamp, int raw_signed,
struct foldbuf *f);
int scale_offset_folds(struct foldbuf *f,
const float *scale, const float *offset);
int accumulate_folds(struct foldbuf *ftot, const struct foldbuf *f);
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