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Name psrfits_subband
Usage "\nPartially de-disperse and subband PSRFITS search-mode data.\n"
Version [exec date +%d%b%y]
Commandline full_cmd_line
# Options (in order you want them to appear)
Double -dm dm {Dispersion measure to use for the subband de-dispersion} \
-r 0.0 10000.0 -d 0.0
Int -nsub nsub {Number of output frequency subbands} \
-r 1 4096
Int -dstime dstime {Power-of-2 number of samples to average in time} \
-r 1 128 -d 1
Int -startfile startfile {Starting file number of sequence} \
-r 1 2000 -d 1
Int -numfiles numfiles {Number of files to process} \
-r 1 2000
Int -outbits outbits {Number of output bits desired} \
-r 2 8
Float -filetime filetime {Desired length of the resulting files in sec} \
-r 0.0 100000.0
Float -filelen filelen {Desired length of the resulting files in GB} \
-r 0.0 1000.0
Float -tgtstd tgtstd {Target stdev. If 0, set in code based on outbits} \
-r 0.0 100000.0 -d 0.0
Float -tgtavg tgtavg {Target avg for UNSIGNED data. If 0, set in code based on outbits} \
-r 0.0 100000.0 -d 0.0
Flag -onlyI onlyI {Only output total intensity data}
Flag -adjustlevels adjustlevels {Adjust output scales and offsets every row (default is only row 0)}
String -weights wgtsfile {Filename containing ASCII list of channels and weights to use}
String -bandpass bandpassfile {Filename containing ASCII list of channels, avgs, stdevs to use}
String -o outputbasename {Basename for the output files}
# Rest of command line:
Rest infile {Input file name(s) of the PSRFITs datafiles} \
-c 1 2000