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#ifndef __psrfits_subband_cmd__
#define __psrfits_subband_cmd__
command line parser interface -- generated by clig
The command line parser `clig':
(C) 1995-2004 Harald Kirsch (
typedef struct s_Cmdline {
/***** -dm: Dispersion measure to use for the subband de-dispersion */
char dmP;
double dm;
int dmC;
/***** -nsub: Number of output frequency subbands */
char nsubP;
int nsub;
int nsubC;
/***** -dstime: Power-of-2 number of samples to average in time */
char dstimeP;
int dstime;
int dstimeC;
/***** -startfile: Starting file number of sequence */
char startfileP;
int startfile;
int startfileC;
/***** -numfiles: Number of files to process */
char numfilesP;
int numfiles;
int numfilesC;
/***** -outbits: Number of output bits desired */
char outbitsP;
int outbits;
int outbitsC;
/***** -filetime: Desired length of the resulting files in sec */
char filetimeP;
float filetime;
int filetimeC;
/***** -filelen: Desired length of the resulting files in GB */
char filelenP;
float filelen;
int filelenC;
/***** -tgtstd: Target stdev. If 0, set in code based on outbits */
char tgtstdP;
float tgtstd;
int tgtstdC;
/***** -tgtavg: Target avg for UNSIGNED data. If 0, set in code based on outbits */
char tgtavgP;
float tgtavg;
int tgtavgC;
/***** -onlyI: Only output total intensity data */
char onlyIP;
/***** -adjustlevels: Adjust output scales and offsets every row (default is only row 0) */
char adjustlevelsP;
/***** -weights: Filename containing ASCII list of channels and weights to use */
char wgtsfileP;
char* wgtsfile;
int wgtsfileC;
/***** -bandpass: Filename containing ASCII list of channels, avgs, stdevs to use */
char bandpassfileP;
char* bandpassfile;
int bandpassfileC;
/***** -o: Basename for the output files */
char outputbasenameP;
char* outputbasename;
int outputbasenameC;
/***** uninterpreted command line parameters */
int argc;
/*@null*/char **argv;
/***** the whole command line concatenated */
char *full_cmd_line;
} Cmdline;
extern char *Program;
extern void usage(void);
extern /*@shared*/Cmdline *parseCmdline(int argc, char **argv);