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/* psrfits.h */
#ifndef _PSRFITS_H
#define _PSRFITS_H
#include "fitsio.h"
// The following is the max file length in GB, different for fold/search
// The following is the template file to use to create a PSRFITS file.
#define PSRFITS_SEARCH_TEMPLATE "WAPP_PSRFITS_v4.3_search_template.txt"
struct hdrinfo {
char obs_mode[8]; // Observing mode (SEARCH, PSR, CAL)
char telescope[24]; // Telescope used
char observer[24]; // Observer's name
char source[24]; // Source name
char frontend[24]; // Frontend used
char backend[24]; // Backend or instrument used
char project_id[24]; // Project identifier
char date_obs[24]; // Start of observation (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSS)
char ra_str[16]; // Right Ascension string (HH:MM:SS.SSSS)
char dec_str[16]; // Declination string (DD:MM:SS.SSSS)
char poln_type[8]; // Polarization recorded (LIN or CIRC)
char poln_order[16]; // Order of polarizations (i.e. XXYYXYYX)
char track_mode[16]; // Track mode (TRACK, SCANGC, SCANLAT)
char cal_mode[8]; // Cal mode (OFF, SYNC, EXT1, EXT2
char feed_mode[8]; // Feed track mode (FA, CPA, SPA, TPA)
long double MJD_epoch; // Starting epoch in MJD
double dt; // Sample duration (s)
double fctr; // Center frequency of the observing band (MHz)
double orig_df; // Original frequency spacing between the channels (MHz)
double df; // Frequency spacing between the channels (MHz)
double BW; // Bandwidth of the observing band (MHz)
double ra2000; // RA of observation (deg, J2000) at obs start
double dec2000; // Dec of observation (deg, J2000) at obs start
double azimuth; // Azimuth (commanded) at the start of the obs (deg)
double zenith_ang; // Zenith angle (commanded) at the start of the obs (deg)
double beam_FWHM; // Beam FWHM (deg)
double cal_freq; // Cal modulation frequency (Hz)
double cal_dcyc; // Cal duty cycle (0-1)
double cal_phs; // Cal phase (wrt start time)
double feed_angle; // Feed/Posn angle requested (deg)
double scanlen; // Requested scan length (sec)
double start_lst; // Start LST (sec past 00h)
double start_sec; // Start time (sec past UTC 00h)
double chan_dm; // DM that each channel was de-dispersed at (pc/cm^3)
double fd_sang; // Reference angle for feed rotation (deg)
double fd_xyph; // Cal signal poln cross-term phase (deg)
int start_day; // Start MJD (UTC days) (J - long integer)
int scan_number; // Number of scan
int beamnum; // Beam number for ALFA, otherwise 0
int nbits; // Number of bits per data sample
int nbin; // Number of bins per period in fold mode
int nchan; // Number of channels
int npol; // Number of polarizations to be stored (1 for summed)
int nsblk; // Number of spectra per row
int orig_nchan; // Number of spectral channels per sample
int summed_polns; // Are polarizations summed? (1=Yes, 0=No)
int rcvr_polns; // Number of polns provided by the receiver
int offset_subint; // Offset subint number for first row in the file
int ds_time_fact; // Software downsampling factor in time (1 if none)
int ds_freq_fact; // Software downsampling factor in freq (1 if none)
int onlyI; // 1 if the software will only record Stokes I
int fd_hand; // Receiver "handedness" or X/Y swap (+/-1)
int be_phase; // Backend poln cross-term phase convention (+/-1)
struct subint {
double tsubint; // Length of subintegration (sec)
double offs; // Offset from Start of subint centre (sec)
double lst; // LST at subint centre (sec)
double ra; // RA (J2000) at subint centre (deg)
double dec; // Dec (J2000) at subint centre (deg)
double glon; // Gal longitude at subint centre (deg)
double glat; // Gal latitude at subint centre (deg)
double feed_ang; // Feed angle at subint centre (deg)
double pos_ang; // Position angle of feed at subint centre (deg)
double par_ang; // Parallactic angle at subint centre (deg)
double tel_az; // Telescope azimuth at subint centre (deg)
double tel_zen; // Telescope zenith angle at subint centre (deg)
int bytes_per_subint; // Number of bytes for one row of raw data
int FITS_typecode; // FITS data typecode as per CFITSIO
float *dat_freqs; // Ptr to array of Centre freqs for each channel (MHz)
float *dat_weights; // Ptr to array of Weights for each channel
float *dat_offsets; // Ptr to array of offsets for each chan * pol
float *dat_scales; // Ptr to array of scalings for each chan * pol
unsigned char *data; // Ptr to the raw data itself
struct psrfits {
char basefilename[200]; // The base filename from which to build the true filename
char filename[200]; // Filename of the current PSRFITs file
long long N; // Current number of spectra written
double T; // Current duration of the observation written
int filenum; // The current number of the file in the scan (1-offset)
int rownum; // The current subint number to be written (1-offset)
int tot_rows; // The total number of subints written so far
int rows_per_file; // The maximum number of rows (subints) per file
int status; // The CFITSIO status value
fitsfile *fptr; // The CFITSIO file structure
int multifile; // Write multiple output files
int quiet; // Be quiet about writing each subint
char mode; // Read (r) or write (w).
struct hdrinfo hdr;
struct subint sub;
// In write_psrfits.c
int psrfits_create(struct psrfits *pf);
int psrfits_write_subint(struct psrfits *pf);
int psrfits_close(struct psrfits *pf);
#define SEARCH_MODE 1
#define FOLD_MODE 2
int psrfits_obs_mode(const char *obs_mode);