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.\" clig manual page template
.\" (C) 1995-2004 Harald Kirsch (
.\" This file was generated by
.\" clig -- command line interface generator
.\" Clig will always edit the lines between pairs of `cligPart ...',
.\" but will not complain, if a pair is missing. So, if you want to
.\" make up a certain part of the manual page by hand rather than have
.\" it edited by clig, remove the respective pair of cligPart-lines.
.\" cligPart TITLE
.TH "wapp2psrfits" 1 "10Jun10" "Clig-manuals" "Programmer's Manual"
.\" cligPart TITLE end
.\" cligPart NAME
wapp2psrfits \- Converts search-mode WAPP data into PSRFITS
.\" cligPart NAME end
.\" cligPart SYNOPSIS
.B wapp2psrfits
[-n numwapps]
[-b numbits]
[-g outlenGB]
-o outfile
infiles ...
.\" cligPart SYNOPSIS end
.\" cligPart OPTIONS
.IP -n
The number of simultaneous WAPPs to combine,
1 Int value between 1 and 4.
Default: `1'
.IP -b
The number of bits in each output sample (4 or 8),
1 Int value between 4 and 8.
Default: `8'
.IP -g
Approx length in GB of output data files,
1 Int value between 1 and 1000.
Default: `10'
.IP -o
Name of the output psrfits file,
1 String value
.IP -i
Invert the band.
.IP infiles
Input WAPP file names (in time/WAPP order).
.\" cligPart OPTIONS end
.\" cligPart DESCRIPTION
This manual page was generated automagically by clig, the
Command Line Interface Generator. Actually the programmer
using clig was supposed to edit this part of the manual
page after
generating it with clig, but obviously (s)he didn't.
Sadly enough clig does not yet have the power to pick a good
program description out of blue air ;-(
.\" cligPart DESCRIPTION end