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#include <stdio.h>
struct HEADERKEY {
void *next;
char *name;
int offset;
int type;
int len; /* length of data element */
int alen; /* array length */
struct HEADERVAL {
void *value;
struct HEADERKEY *key;
struct HEADERP {
struct HEADERKEY *head;
struct HEADERKEY *tail;
char *buf; /* ascii C header declaration */
int offset; /* len of buf ( offset to start of generic head in file */
void *header; /* pointer to instance of generic header */
int headlen; /* len of generic header */
int fd; /* file des */
int yacc_offset; /* last returned by head_input */
struct HEADERP *head_parse(FILE *f);
extern struct HEADERKEY headerkey[];
int find_hdrval(struct HEADERP *h, char *name, struct HEADERVAL *hdrval);
void close_parse(struct HEADERP *h);