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Blazor Snippets for VS Code

Blazor Snippets for VS Code provides common snippets for writing Blazor apps in VS Code and lets you spend less time writing boilerplate and more time writing your app.

Note: All Snippets start with a "b" prefix for discoverability purposes.


  • Using bc to create a blank Blazor Component, bpara to create a parameter, boi to create OnInitAsync, and binjhttp to inject an HttpClient.

    Snippets used together

  • Using bchttp to scaffold out a Blazor Component with an HttpClient call.

    Snippets used together

Blazor Component Snippets

Snippet Purpose
bc Create a blank Blazor Component.
bchttp Create a Blazor Component with an HTTP call.
bcchild Create a Blazor Child Component that accepts a parameter.
bccv Create a Blazor Component

Blazor Razor Snippets

Snippet Purpose
bfunc Create a @functions block.
bpara Creates [Parameter] string Name { get; set; }.
bcpara Creates [CascadingParameter] string Name { get; set; }.
bpg Creates @page directive.
bpgr Creates @page "/" with a route.
binj Creates @inject directive.
binjhttp Creates @inject HttpClient Http.
binh Creates @inherits directive.
bforeach Creates @foreach directive.
bfor Creates @for directive.
bif Creates @if directive.
bife Creates @if @else directive.
bgja Creates @await Http.GetJsonAsync<string>("api/").

Blazor Event Snippets

Snippet Purpose
boi Create an OnInitAsync event.
bois Create an OnInit event (s for synchronous).
boar Create an OnAfterRenderAsync event.
boars Create an OnAfterRender event (s for synchronous)
bops Create an OnParametersSetAsync event.
bopss Create an OnParametersSet event (s for synchronous).
bsr Create a ShouldRender event.
bonch Create an OnChangeAsync event.
bonchs Create an OnChange event (s for synchronous).


Type part of a snippet, press tab and the snippet unfolds. Continue hitting tab for certan snippets that let you jump to the next cursor location.


To install - go here and click Install:

For more information

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