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Update buffered property for consistency

Update the buffered property returned in Flash mode to be consistent with HTML5.
Timeranges are supposed to be in seconds (
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commit 49c48f90c744bf06d665a1a5a4010761f7b725c0 1 parent 5ef153a
Loris Guignard loris authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  script/soundmanager2.js
2  script/soundmanager2.js
@@ -2965,7 +2965,7 @@ function SoundManager(smURL, smID) {
if (!_t.isHTML5) {
_t.buffered = [{
'start': 0,
- 'end': _t.duration
+ 'end': _t.duration / 1000

1 comment on commit 49c48f9

Scott Schiller

FYI I've reverted this and made "buffered" values always in msec, so they work with the SM2 API which uses msec regardless of Flash/HTML5 under the hood.

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