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Who should use this?

Anyone who uses to reserve hotels and doesn't want to miss the cancellation window

Assumes that you:

  1. Use to book hotels that allow for cancellations
  2. Have confirmation emails sent to your gmail address
  3. Use Google Calendar and receive notifications

This works by scanning your email for confirmations, then creating calendar events 48 hours before a booking needs to be cancelled. It emails you every time a calendar event is created to confirm successful operation.

How to

  1. Copy the google script into a new project at (you have to register beforehand)
  2. Make sure the calendar you want to use is the primary calendar that you own
  3. Click the 'play' button and save the project (create whatever name). Accept the permissions - click "Review permissions" in the pop up
  4. Choose your gmail account
  5. You'll get blocked by a "this app isn't verified", so click "advanced" in the bottom left
  6. Then click "go to X" app where X is the name you chose for your project, and then click "Allow"
  7. Create a "trigger" by going to "edit" -> "current project triggers". Choose whichever schedule you want


Do not solely rely on this for tracking your confirmations!

This is simply one additional method to keep track.

The author takes no responsibility for anything this code does, including failed notifications/

Warning: This will break if Booking changes its email template or formatting.