A logo generator for WordCamp Europe 2016 and beyond.
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WordCamp Europe Logo 2016


This logo generator is designed to generate a unique WordCamp Europe logo each and every year. It is an evolution of the original logos by Tammie and Sonja Leix.

Each point represents a country in Europe and each line a border between them. The highlighted point is the WordCamp location for this year. Hack away - the code is open source and it would be great to keep iterating on this.

Using the tool

  • To overcome your browser security settings you will probably need to run this from a local server. The easiest way is to type: php -S localhost:8000 from the download directory in Terminal.
  • Set your settings at the top of the page and press the generate button.
  • Individual points can be moved to a location of your choice.
  • Double click a point to return it to a calculated/natural position.
  • There is an invisble point in the middle that has a certain amount of repulsion, this can be moved too but it is tricky to grab.
  • Hit the Generate SVG button when you are happy with the layout, this will outout the SVG code that can be imported into your favourite graphics editor.
  • You will need to add your own typography to complete the design.
  • The data is all stored in the data.json file. This contains a list of countries and the relationships between them.

Frequently Asked Questions