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Elixir solution to Advent of Code 2018 Day 1
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Advent of Code 2018, Day 1

Solution in Elixir, by Scott Swezey.

Input your puzzle

For simplicity, I've placed my code into the @puzzle module attribute in the Frequency module. You can update it with your code, or pass your code as the first argument in Frequency.sum_it/1 or Frequency.remember_it/1.

In both cases, the puzzle should be copy/pasted as is: as a binary of text seperated by newlines.

Part 1

Start an iex shell using iex -S mix

IO.puts Frequency.sum_it(puzzle)

Part 2

Solving this puzzle required a GenServer which will need to be started before running the Frequency.remember_it/1 function. The test suite handles starting the the History GenServer for you, and resetting the state between every test.

Start an iex shell using iex -S mix

{:ok, _pid} = History.start_link()
IO.puts Frequency.remember_it(puzzle)

Potential improvements

  • The test suite seems sufficient, but I haven't looked for edge cases or given it more complex test input.
  • I don't like my module and function names. Given more time and a real problem in this domain, I suspect better names could be found.
  • If this were a real project, I'd improve the puzzle input and start the History GenServer on app startup. I might consider some kind of REPL for solving the two parts of the puzzle.
  • On that same note, the mix.exs file needs some love to make this more usable.
  • I hate how I've handled looping in the Frequency.remember_it/1 function in the event a solution isn't found on the first pass. Unfortunately, it got late and I decided to not refactor this since it was working and I need to sleep.

Contributions, Forking, Discussion

  • No issues, PRs, or other contributions will be accepted for this project.
  • Forking this project is discouraged. Try to solve it on your own.
  • Discussion is welcome via my Twitter account: @ScottSwezey.