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WP-Comment-Killer in a nutshell

This project is no longer needed in most cases. The project is no longer maintained.

WP-Comment-Killer is a WordPress plugin that was built for when a site is under attack by comment spam bots. Installing the plugin will ensure there are no more comments or pingbacks accepted by WordPress. It was originally designed for web hosting companies trying to combat so called "spam havens," or abandoned websites that are being overrun with bots posting spam. The plugin is great for this specific use case, but shaky for most others. Everything this plugin does can be achieved with WordPress itself.


  1. Download the zip archive from scottswezey/WP-Comment-Killer on GitHub
  2. Extract the archive and place wp-comment-killer.php into wp-content/mu-plugins (You may need to create this directory first).


  1. Delete wp-comment-killer.php from the mu-plugins folder. There is no need to deactivate it.
  2. Previous versions can only be deactivated through wp-admin. They should be deactivated and deleted via wp-admin.

Didn't install this on your site?

Your web host may have. Check with them, and contact them for support. That said, this is very easy to disable and remove if you've fixed your spam bot issue.



Short version: MIT license

Long version: See LICENSE file

Authors and Contributors

Scott Swezey