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' CheckForWizards.rvb -- October 2008
' If this code works, it was written by Dale Fugier.
' If not, I don't know who wrote it.
' Works with Rhino 4.0.
Option Explicit
' Obviously too much free time...
Sub CheckForWizards
Dim strObject, strView, arrBox, arrPoint
Dim arrCorners, arrOrigin
Dim strAgentName, strAgentPath
Dim objAgent, objCharacter
strObject = Rhino.GetObject("Select object to check", 0, True, True)
If IsNull(strObject) Then Exit Sub
strView = Rhino.CurrentView
arrBox = Rhino.BoundingBox(strObject)
arrPoint = Rhino.XFormWorldToScreen(arrBox(2), strView, True)
arrCorners = Rhino.ViewNearCorners
arrOrigin = Rhino.XFormWorldToScreen(arrCorners(3), strView, True)
strAgentName = "Merlin"
strAgentPath = "c:\windows\msagent\chars\" & strAgentName & ".acs"
Set objAgent = CreateObject("Agent.Control.2")
If Not IsObject(objAgent) Then Exit Sub
objAgent.Connected = True
objAgent.Characters.Load strAgentName, strAgentPath
Set objCharacter = objAgent.Characters.Character(strAgentName)
objCharacter.MoveTo arrOrigin(0),arrOrigin(1)
objCharacter.Play "GetAttention"
objCharacter.Play "Announce"
objCharacter.Speak "Hello, I am the fabulous Rhino geometry checking wizard."
objCharacter.Play "LookDown"
objCharacter.Speak "I am here to see if your geometry is of questionable quality..."
objCharacter.Play "Explain"
objCharacter.Speak " speaking, of course."
objCharacter.MoveTo arrPoint(0),arrPoint(1)
objCharacter.Play "Uncertain"
objCharacter.Play "LookRight"
objCharacter.Play "Confused"
objCharacter.Think "Hmm....very interesting...not sure I have seen one of these before."
objCharacter.Play "Explain"
objCharacter.Speak "It looks like Euclidean geometry consisting of points in a plane which are at a constant distance from a fixed point."
objCharacter.Play "Alert"
objCharacter.Speak "Hey, I don't have a Ph.D in computational geometry, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."
objCharacter.Play "Pleased"
objCharacter.Play "GestureRight"
objCharacter.Speak "Let me check this geometry for you."
objCharacter.Play "Read"
objCharacter.Play "ReadContinued"
objCharacter.Speak "...hmm..."
objCharacter.Play "ReadReturn"
objCharacter.Play "Process"
objCharacter.Play "Think"
objCharacter.Speak "...I see..."
objCharacter.Play "Search"
objCharacter.Speak "Well, what do you know."
objCharacter.Play "Sad"
objCharacter.Speak "Your geometry sucks!"
objCharacter.Play "Decline"
objCharacter.Speak "I cannot take responsiblity for this, of course."
objCharacter.Play "Suggest"
objCharacter.Speak "You might try reinstalling all of your software and try it again."
objCharacter.Play "RestPose"
objCharacter.Play "Surprised"
objCharacter.Speak "Sorry, I have to go. I see more geometry that sucks."
objCharacter.MoveTo arrOrigin(0),arrOrigin(1)
objCharacter.Play "Wave"
objCharacter.Play "DoMagic1"
objCharacter.Play "DoMagic2"
Do While objCharacter.Visible = True
Rhino.Sleep 100
End Sub