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' ExtractMeshWires.rvb -- August 2011
' If this code works, it was written by Dale Fugier.
' If not, I don't know who wrote it.
' Works with Rhino 4.0.
Option Explicit
' ExtractMeshWires
Sub ExtractMeshWires
Const RH_MESH = 32
Dim arrMeshes, strMesh
Dim arrVertices, arrFaces, arrFace
Dim arrTri(3), arrQuad(4)
arrMeshes = Rhino.GetObjects("Select meshes for wire extraction", RH_MESH, True)
If IsNull(arrMeshes) Then Exit Sub
Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(False)
For Each strMesh In arrMeshes
arrVertices = Rhino.MeshVertices(strMesh)
arrFaces = Rhino.MeshFaceVertices(strMesh)
For Each arrFace In arrFaces
If arrFace(2) = arrFace(3) Then
arrTri(0) = arrVertices(arrFace(0))
arrTri(1) = arrVertices(arrFace(1))
arrTri(2) = arrVertices(arrFace(2))
arrTri(3) = arrTri(0)
Call Rhino.AddPolyline(arrTri)
arrQuad(0) = arrVertices(arrFace(0))
arrQuad(1) = arrVertices(arrFace(1))
arrQuad(2) = arrVertices(arrFace(2))
arrQuad(3) = arrVertices(arrFace(3))
arrQuad(4) = arrQuad(0)
Call Rhino.AddPolyline(arrQuad)
End If
Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(True)
End Sub
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