The backend for a simple chat app for Android.
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Ratchet Chat Backend

In lovely PHP. This was built on PHP 5.4 behind Nginx and php-fpm. It's built on the Slim framework for PHP. It was built in about a weekend, for the most part. It's a little messy and it's certainly not optimized or well commented, but it did the job.

Okay, well, what is it?

Ratchet is a chat app (original, I know) that I developed for Android (and I had planned to eventually create an iOS client as well). The backend is simple PHP with few endpoints, though the app is relatively full-featured.


  • Threads can have any number of participants.
  • Threads can be renamed.
  • Users can be invited to threads at any time.
  • Users can leave threads at any time.
  • Users in a thread will recieve push notifications of new posts
  • Users can enable and disable notifications on a global and per-thread level.
  • Photographs/media can be sent along with messages.
  • Messages can include text only, media only, or both (as long as the client supports it).
  • Images are uploaded to an abstracted filesystem.
  • Local in this implementation.
  • Support for S3, Azure, and other cloud filesystems (with a little work).
  • Images are asynchronously regenerated into various sizes via a queueworker for better delivery.
  • Original, Medium, Thumbnail sizes are available.
  • Generated images are progressive jpegs.
  • Each user has a "media manager" which stores references to files that the user has uploaded.
  • Users can set a profile photo and bio and such.
  • Users can share their current location.
  • Users can view the location of other users, sorted by distance.
  • Currently implemented in the app as a cascade, a la Grindr (shudder).

API authentication is done via a HTTP header, and auth is checked at the time that the APIResponse object is instantiated. See Objects/User.php for more.