A script to automatically post or queue selfies/images to your Tumblr blog from a particular folder. Intended to be run as a cron task.
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Ever wanted to be tumblr famous for your selfies? Me too! But it takes so much effort. With this script, you can just collect up all your selfies and have them automatically posted to your tumblr. The fame will find you!

For more, see the blog post that I wrote about it.


First, clone the repo using the link in the sidebar. Then, run the bash script setup.sh (included), which will create two subfolders and install the pytumblr dependency using pip.

Load the selfies folder with your glamor shots, plug in your oAuth credentials in the tumble.py script as well as your tumblr name, a post caption, the tags you want to go with each post, and if you want you can adjust the post delay (which I used as a API rate-limiter).

Then, run the script with python tumble.py and sit back and watch it do the do. There IS one race condition that I know of which could cuase double-posting if you run more than one instance at a time. This is because the script lists the directory contents first thing instead of grabbing photos one by one. So don't do that.