web-based XML code generator for PreSonus GEQ presets
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A web-based XML code generator for PreSonus StudioLive GEQ presets


PreSonus first generation StudioLive (SL) GEQ presets are stored as XML. They are easy to edit using Universal Control (UC), but UC requires connection to a SL device in order to operate fully.

This web app allows users to generate presets without a connected SL device. Exact dB values may be typed in, making for easier manual conversion of manufacturer-supplied frequency response graphs into SL-ready presets.

Read more about this project in this article.

Version History

1.1 MVP+ - Floats and File Names


  • Reflowed the floats and fidgeted with some CSS
  • Added file name updating to js
  • Instructions added/improved
  • URL to explanation article

1.0 MVP — Functional, basic, ready to upload.


  • Requires manual copy/paste of XML to file.
  • No proper introduction.
  • Instructions could use streamlining.
  • Browser support unknown. Tested only in Safari 9.0.3 on El Capitan 10.11.3.
  • Intended for hosting on http://scotttroyer.com so just the basic files were uploaded. Could possibly be made better for hosting remotely or host natively on Github. Dunno.
  • Need to confirm dB reference values. Math is currently correct for 15 to -15.
  • Not tested with the newer AI versions of Universal Control. Syntax is different. dB range is 12 to -12. Files can be generated offline too so support is not as valuable in that sense. Conversion to that format may be valuable though.
  • No clue about Windows support (mainly file location).
  • js might be sanitized properly. Not sure.
  • Probably not mobile-friendly, but the task generates a file intended for console synchronization with laptops/desktops. So mobile ≠ priority, I guess.

Features Roadmap

  • Test & extend browser support.
  • A "Download" or "Export" button to save the XML directly to disk.
  • An AppleScript droplet or service item to automatically move the downloaded presets to the right location on disk.
  • Upload frequency response. Previously generated file = easy. Image or entire PDF product manual = hard.
  • Support for exporting to file formats of other digital boards