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Dense Ores is a Lua mod for the Minetest game engine. As I explored deeper into the depths of my test worlds, I was a bit let down when things never seemed to change. Just grey stone and more grey stone. I thought the world needed a few denser types of stones and ores to reward the time it takes to get so deep.

So I added three tiers of new blocks: Deep, Dense and Ultra Dense.

The new tiers of ores are Stone, Coal Ore, Copper Ore, Diamond ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore. Mese Ore.

The textures are original, based on a 32x32 update of the default:stone texture with color mapping. It took a while to settle on the colors I wanted. I also did some 32x32 tweaking of the ore layer textures with some resized overlays to give the appearance of incremental density. The colors are subtle, and in a poorly lit cave you might walk right past Deep and Dense ores. I didn't want them to be glaringly obvious. Ultra Dense stone and ores are a pale maroon color and quite a bit easier to spot.

Deep, Dense and Ultra Dense stone can be crafted into 2, 3 and 4 regular stone, or used as decorative blocks in their own right. You can also craft the stones into their matching stone bricks.

Deep Ores drop 2 lumps of ore. Dense Ores drop 3 lumps of ore. Ultra Dense Ores drop 4 lumps of ore.

These ores overlap a bit in distribution, and each has two oregen variants based on depth. Deep and dense stones are uncommon and Ultra Dense stone can be hard to find. The ores must generate inside the matching veins of stone, so they are all rare and well worth finding.

Deep Ore is found from -200 to -4000y. Dense ore spawns between -1500 and -15000y. Ultra Dense ore spawns between -5000 and -31000y.

I hope that, if I balanced this properly, you will be happy to see some color in the deeper layers of the world, and when you see the new colors you will start picking around looking for the new ores ... enjoy.

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