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fall_stones is a mod for the MineTest game engine. Instead of just copying the weird mechanics of Minecraft, where only gravel and sand are affected by gravity, this little mod will make your explorations a whole more challenging, just by making falling versions of common blocks. The blocks which might now fall on your head are: clay, cobble, dirt, ice, snow, stone, stonebrick.

Of course, I am not making ALL of these blocks fall on your head, just little pockets of them here and there. The mod gives you some clues that you're hitting an unusual block, using sand sounds for walking on the blocks and breaking them.

In order to not make the falling cobble and falling stonebrick so obvious, the mod also spawns some small blocks of NORMAL cobble and stonebrick. I think that looks good anyway, since seeing artificial blocks a thousand blocks below ground gives the haunting feeling that someone has been there long before you. But, yeah, some of those blocks will fall on your head if you mess with them.

The falling ice and falling snow spawn above ground, making those ice spires and glaciers a little more challenging.

Falling dirt spawns above and below ground. Normal clay and falling clay spawn in caves.

These blocks all drop their usual drops, though falling cobble drops gravel. On the plus side, falling stone and falling stonebrick both drop stone, like hitting stone with a silk touch tool. I thought that would be a nice bonus for all this added peril.

I like my world like this. Tunneling is not such a dull task now, since there is a lot more variety of what I might find, and some patches of dirt or stone are just as hard to clear away as gravel. A lot more chances to get buried alive. Watch your head!

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