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Self hosted Url to Image service
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UrlPic provides a simple way to capture a snapshot (png, jpeg, pdf) of any publically accessible URL.

The API looks something like this:


Required Parameters:

  • token - the combination of the url you wish to capture + : + a secret.
  • url - the url you wish to capture

Other optional parameters:

  • height - the viewport height (default: 1200).
  • width - the viewport width (default: 1600)
  • ttl - how long should this image be cached in seconds. You can optionally use words like 1hour, 2days, and 3years (default: 1 hour)
  • fileType - type of file to catpure. Options png, jpeg, or pdf (default: png)
  • fullPage - if 1, the full page will be capture. This will ignore the height on the view port. (default: 0)

Try It Yourself.

UrlPic is designed to be easily deployable to Now.

Assuming you have both git and now installed:

  1. git clone
  2. now secrets add token-key "a secret key"
  3. now

Installing locally

  1. git clone
  2. yarn install
  3. Add a .env file with one key: TOKEN_KEY=yoursecret
  4. yarn run dev

Generating a signed token

It could get costly if anyone could use your instance. To protect against this, each request is must be signed using your token-key you set in step #2 or placed in your .env file for local testing.

The signature is the MD5 hash of the URL being requested + : + your secret.

To make this easy to test, you can run the following command locally:

yarn run tokenize

If you happen to have different "secrets" you can pass them via the --token flag like this:

yarn run tokenize --token mysecret

Prior Art

Much of the code (especially chromium.ts) was extracted from the og-image app.


There are only a handful of tests, but they can be run:

yarn run test

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