Simple install, config, start/stop setup for nginx to proxy port 80/443 to port 3000.
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This is a simple nginx configuration setup that does nothing more than run nginx listening for HTTP on port 80 and HTTPS on port 443, and proxy all requests to localhost port 3000.

It is not setup to serve static files via nginx, perform any caching, etc. It is really meant as a quick and easy way to let you run whatever local server process you want on localhost:3000 and be able to hit it at http://localhost and https://localhost.

This has really only been tested on Max OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).


git clone git://
cd simple-nginx-reverse-proxy
rake nginx:install

This nginx:install task is Mac OS X-specific. It checks to see if nginx is installed via MacPorts, and if it is not, then it installs it via MacPorts. This will ask you for the sudo password.

It will also create a self-signed PEM certificate for SSL and prompt you to enter the certificate information. This information is not really important. Enter whatever you like.


From inside the simple-nginx-reverse-proxy directory, you can run the following commands:

rake nginx:start    # Starts nginx.
rake nginx:stop     # Stops nginx.
rake nginx -T       # Shows all available tasks.

The nginx:start and nginx:stop tasks run as sudo and will prompt for the sudo password.


Scripts and config files created by Scott W. Bradley (scottwb). Do whatever you want with it.