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Eddie is an attempt to design a pure functional programming language that is accessible to a large audience. It is the philosophical marriage of C# and Haskell. It takes the best parts of Haskell: lazy evaluation and immutability, while echewing the parts that make it most difficult to use: ML derived syntax and Hindley-Milner type inference. It uses a C# derived syntax and borrows heavily the C# design idiom of making user intent explicit.

Implicit concepts in Haskell, such as currying and the types of functions, are made explict in Eddie. Simiarly, other concepts that are explicit in Haskell, like Monad comprehensions, are made implict in Eddie.


Everything under the src/ folder is distributed under the MIT/X11 license. See src/license.txt for more info. Each directory under third-party has it's own license. See each directory for more details.


This is a work in progess. Things are just getting started. No end-to-end compilation scenarios are supported yet.


We use the github wiki for our documentation. Check it out at


Folder Description License
src/ Contains the main Eddie source. A VS2010 solution is available at src/eddie.sln. MIT / X11
third-party Contains sources for third-party components used by Eddie, such as NUnit. Various
bin Where the results of the build go.
obj The folder used for any intermediate build results.