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scottwoodall Bugfix when accessing the django admin
The django admin was throwing an exception because I didn't have a required
method on the custom User model.
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A Django & React Template

A collection of Django and React modules that will help bootstrap your next Django web application.


Getting a new project up and running can be time consuming and demotivating when what you really want is to just work on your idea. It can take hours/days to get through all the boilerplate before you can get to any actual work.

This goal of this project is to give you a strong, modern project with just a few commands so you can begin writing your application from the start and not worry about boilerplate.


export project_name={{ project_name }}
mkvirtualenv $project_name
pip install django startproject --template= $project_name
cd $project_name
  1. Follow backend/
  2. Follow frontend/


  1. Build production configs