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Kubernetes on Azure
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Kubernetes on Azure

This is the repo that contains multiple workshops for Kubernetes on Azure and the supporting code examples.


Prior knowledge

To be successful at getting the most out of these workshops you will need the following prior knowledge

  • A basic understanding of Linux
  • Be able to read bash scripts
  • Have a basic knowledge of what a container is


To be able to run the labs in the workshops you will need the following

  • A bash shell (WSL works fine if you are a windows user) I have written a post on how to get WSL configured for the workshops.
    If a bash shell is not available to you please use azure cloud shell

  • An Azure account that has access to create service principals

If you dont have an Azure account and want to run the workshops, you can sign up for an Azure trial that will give you free credit to complete the workshop.

Installed software

There are a few packages we will need to run the labs so we will need to install the following

How to use the workshops

Each folder is named after a corresponding module in the workshop. Inside that folder is all the code examples for that module.


At present there are four workshops in this repo. Each of them are designed for different lengths of time depending how long your time slot is to give the workshop.

Kubernetes on Azure full workshop

This is the full workshop that covers Kubernetes 101, Helm, virtual kubelet and some basic istio topic. Below are the full list of topics

 Kubernetes 101  


 Kubernetes advanced topics

This workshop takes about 6hrs to give as instructor lead workshop.
The slides can be found here

Kubernetes 101

This workshop is the entry level into Azure Kubernetes service. In the workshop we will cover the topics listed above in the kubernetes 101 section. This will take approx 2hrs for an instructor to give.

Kubernetes and Helm

This workshop covers the kubernetes 101 workshop and adds all the Helm modules listed above. The slides can be found here.
This workshop will take about 4hrs to complete

Advanced Kubernetes

This workshop adds the Kubernetes 101 modules with the advanced Kubernetes topics.
The slides can be found here
This workshop will take about 4hrs

Further reading

I have done a few blog posts on topics covered by this workshop for further . This list will continue to be updated.

If there is something that is not covered in the workshops and you would like it to be. Please raise an issue on this repo and I will do my best to add it in where possible

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