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Scotty Build Status

A Haskell web framework inspired by Ruby's Sinatra, using WAI and Warp.

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
import Web.Scotty

import Data.Monoid (mconcat)

main = scotty 3000 $
    get "/:word" $ do
        beam <- param "word"
        html $ mconcat ["<h1>Scotty, ", beam, " me up!</h1>"]

Scotty is the cheap and cheerful way to write RESTful, declarative web applications.

  • A page is as simple as defining the verb, URL pattern, and Text content.
  • It is template-language agnostic. Anything that returns a Text value will do.
  • Conforms to the web application interface (WAI).
  • Uses the very fast Warp webserver by default.

See examples/basic.hs to see Scotty in action. (basic.hs needs the wai-extra package)

> runghc examples/basic.hs
Setting phasers to stun... (port 3000) (ctrl-c to quit)
(visit localhost:3000/somepath)

As for the name: Sinatra + Warp = Scotty.

More Information

Tutorials and related projects can be found in the Scotty wiki.

Development & Support

Open an issue on GitHub.

Copyright (c) 2012-2019 Andrew Farmer


  • Fails to compile regex-posix on Windows
    • If you are using stack, add the following parameters to stack.yaml:
      •   extra-deps:
          - regex-posix-clib-2.7
              _regex-posix-clib: true
    • If you are using cabal, update the constraints section of cabal.project.local as follows:
      • constraints:
          regex-posix +_regex-posix-clib