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Trackback 'em All

Trackback ‘em All is a command line tool that download RSS/Atom feeds, and send either trackback or pingback to all linked URLs. It is useful when run against your websites/blogsites periodically and

  • You do not want your blog software to slow down sending trackbacks and pingbacks (for example, WordPress).
  • Your blog software does not always send trackbacks properly (in my experience, Drupal).
  • Your blog software does not support pingbacks, thus unable to send notification to sites that only accept pingbacks (for example, Movable Type).
  • Your blog software supports neither trackback nor pingback. D’oh. (for example, Blogger)

Trackback ‘em All keeps its own database of feeds to fetch, feed items already processed, URLs already notified, etc, and can be used in parallel to your blog or CMS software, as long as full RSS/Atom feeds are available.

For more information, please visit the project home page:

--Scott Yang