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DTT (Daily TV Torrents) Ruby Interface

This package is a Ruby module and script to interact with the Daily TV Torrents web service API (http://www.dailytvtorrents.org/) from the command line


  • Ruby (Tested with MRI 1.9.2-p290)
  • The JSON gem (gem install json)
  • wget


Place the dtt script in a directory that is in your executable path, e.g. ~/bin/ or /usr/local/bin/


You can run dtt with the -h (or --help) flag to see a list of options. The help screen is a work in progress at this point. All the options are listed, but their descriptions may be unhelpful.

Basic (Single show text info)

user@machine:$ dtt futurama

This outputs

HD[x] 720[x] Futurama             S06E26 11 days ago

** Note: This is the same as dtt --show --text futurama (--show and --text are the default)

Basic (Multiple shows text info)

A comma separated list of shows without any spaces

user@machine:$ dtt futurama,cops,sons-of-anarchy,weeds

This outputs

HD[x] 720[x] Futurama             S06E26 11 days ago
HD[x] 720[x] Cops                 S24E02 43 hrs ago
HD[x] 720[x] Sons of Anarchy      S04E02 6 days ago
HD[x] 720[x] Weeds                S07E11 7 days ago

Add the --colors (or -c) flag for colored output shown below

Colored Output


Get info on the latest episode of a show with the --episode (or -E) flag. Returns last season/episode number, upload age, and available qualities.

user@machine:$ dtt cops --episode

This outputs

Latest Episode of cops is S24E02
Uploaded 2 days, 1 hours, 48 minutes and 15 seconds ago
Available in [HD] [720]

Torrents (Get info on the torrent for a given quality)

Using the --torrent (or -T) flag you can get information on the healthiest torrent for a given --quality (-q). The default --quality is HD which seems to be an HDTV rip encoded in SD widescreen resolutions. The available options for --quality are hd, 720, and 1080. Not all formats are always available and a local parse error is thrown if no results are found remotely.

user@machine:$ dtt two-and-a-half-men -T

Produces the output

	name: Two_and_a_Half_Men_S09E01_HDTV_XviD-ASAP_[eztv]
	quality: hd
	age: 0 days, 1 hours, 48 minutes and 35 seconds
	data_size: 183534808
	seeds: 532
	leechers: 103
	link: http://www.dailytvtorrents.org/dl/de5/Two_and_a_Half_Men_S09E01_HDTV_XviD-ASAP_%5Beztv%5D.DailyTvTorrents.torrent

	Download this torrent? [y/N]

Entering "y" or "yes" will download the torrent to the current directory using wget. Entering "n" or "no", or just pressing enter will exit as N is the default.

Specifying the quality with -q or --quality will grab info and offer to download the healthiest torrent for that quality

user@machine:$ dtt two-and-a-half-men -T -q 720

Will present info on the 720p torrent

	name: Two.and.a.Half.Men.S09E01.REPACK.720p.HDTV.x264-IMMERSE
	quality: 720
	age: 0 days, 0 hours, 14 minutes and 14 seconds
	data_size: 509753698
	seeds: 1
	leechers: 0
	link: http://www.dailytvtorrents.org/dl/dfq/Two.and.a.Half.Men.S09E01.REPACK.720p.HDTV.x264-IMMERSE.DailyTvTorrents.torrent

	Download this torrent? [y/N]