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9 <title>Rural Design Collective - 2009 Summer Mentoring Program &raquo; The Rural Design Collective UI Lab</title>
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34 <style>
37 /****************************************/
39 .booktitle { line-height: 13px; font-size: 11px; }
41 a{
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49 #sideBar{
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139 <li id="searchLink"><a href="" title="About The Rural Design Collective">About The Rural Design Collective</a></li>
141 <li id="searchLink"><a href="" title="Where is the BookMobile?">Where is The BookMobile?</a></li>
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150 <div class="post" id="post-450" style="margin-right: 0px;">
151 <h2>Children's Poetry</h2>
153 <div class="entrytext">
155 <div class="collection-container" style="margin-top: 35px;">
156 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="curiousaccountof00arfliala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
157 <span class="booktitle">A curious account of the origin of </span>
158 </span></div>
159 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="littlegirltoherf00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
160 <span class="booktitle">A Little girl to her flowers </span>
161 </span></div>
162 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="pleasingtoy00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
163 <span class="booktitle">A pleasing toy </span>
164 </span></div>
165 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="artfulanticks00herfiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
166 <span class="booktitle">Artful anticks </span>
167 </span></div>
168 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="budsflowersofchi00pletiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
169 <span class="booktitle">Buds and flowers of childish life </span>
170 </span></div>
171 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="carrythecandle00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
172 <span class="booktitle">Carry and the candle </span>
173 </span></div>
174 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="childrenofsunetc00gemm" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
175 <span class="booktitle">Children of the sun, etc., etc., etc. </span>
176 </span></div>
177 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="chimesrhymesfory00pletiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
178 <span class="booktitle">Chimes and rhymes for youthful times! </span>
179 </span></div>
180 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="deborahdentandhe00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
181 <span class="booktitle">Deborah Dent and her donkey. And Madam </span>
182 </span></div>
183 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="deborahdentherdo00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
184 <span class="booktitle">Deborah Dent and her donkey. And Madam </span>
185 </span></div>
186 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="devotionalpoetry00john" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
187 <span class="booktitle">Devotional poetry for the children .. </span>
188 </span></div>
189 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="disorderlygirl00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
190 <span class="booktitle">Disorderly girl </span>
191 </span></div>
192 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="dollysdoings00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
193 <span class="booktitle">Dolly's doings </span>
194 </span></div>
195 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="ethelskeepsake00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
196 <span class="booktitle">Ethel's keepsake </span>
197 </span></div>
198 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="fablesinversefro00daviiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
199 <span class="booktitle">Fables in verse </span>
200 </span></div>
201 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="fairysalbumwithr00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
202 <span class="booktitle">Fairy's album </span>
203 </span></div>
204 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="freshflowersforc00gord" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
205 <span class="booktitle">Fresh flowers for children </span>
206 </span></div>
207 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="freshflowersform00gord" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
208 <span class="booktitle">Fresh flowers for my children </span>
209 </span></div>
210 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="gettingwelltales00bradiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
211 <span class="booktitle">Getting well </span>
212 </span></div>
213 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="happychildlifein00pletiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
214 <span class="booktitle">Happy child life </span>
215 </span></div>
216 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="harrisonsamusing00deviiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
217 <span class="booktitle">Harrison's amusing picture and poetry book </span>
218 </span></div>
219 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="henryorwandererr00defliala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
220 <span class="booktitle">Henry, or, The wanderer reclaimed </span>
221 </span></div>
222 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="homesongsforlitt00newy" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
223 <span class="booktitle">Home songs for little people </span>
224 </span></div>
225 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="jackjill00otleiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
226 <span class="booktitle">Jack and Jill </span>
227 </span></div>
228 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="jackjillolddameg00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
229 <span class="booktitle">Jack and Jill and old Dame Gill </span>
230 </span></div>
231 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="jackinbox00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
232 <span class="booktitle">Jack in the box </span>
233 </span></div>
234 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="juliafannytwofri00horwiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
235 <span class="booktitle">Julia and Fanny, the two friends; or, </span>
236 </span></div>
237 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="juvenilepoems00wendiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
238 <span class="booktitle">Juvenile poems </span>
239 </span></div>
240 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="leavesforchristm00bostiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
241 <span class="booktitle">Leaves for a Christmas bough </span>
242 </span></div>
243 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="lifeadventuresof00delaiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
244 <span class="booktitle">Life and adventures of Mr. Pig and </span>
245 </span></div>
246 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="littleannotherpo00tayliala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
247 <span class="booktitle">Little Ann and other poems </span>
248 </span></div>
249 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="littlederwentsbr00treviala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
250 <span class="booktitle">Little Derwent's breakfast </span>
251 </span></div>
252 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="littleemmaherfa00horwiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
253 <span class="booktitle">Little Emma and her father </span>
254 </span></div>
255 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="littleemmaherfat00horwiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
256 <span class="booktitle">Little Emma and her father </span>
257 </span></div>
258 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mammasdarling00bostiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
259 <span class="booktitle">Mamma's darling </span>
260 </span></div>
261 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="merrywordsformer00hoatiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
262 <span class="booktitle">Merry words for merry children </span>
263 </span></div>
264 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="miniatureunderwi00greeiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
265 <span class="booktitle">Miniature under the window </span>
266 </span></div>
267 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="moraltalesinpros00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
268 <span class="booktitle">Moral tales in prose and verse </span>
269 </span></div>
270 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mothergooseorold00greeiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
271 <span class="booktitle">Mother Goose </span>
272 </span></div>
273 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mothergooseinwhi00goodiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
274 <span class="booktitle">Mother Goose in white </span>
275 </span></div>
276 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mothergooseschim00philiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
277 <span class="booktitle">Mother Goose's chimes, rhymes & melodies </span>
278 </span></div>
279 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mothergoosesmelo00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
280 <span class="booktitle">Mother Goose's melodies. Containing all that have </span>
281 </span></div>
282 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mrpunchtuck00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
283 <span class="booktitle">Mr. Punch </span>
284 </span></div>
285 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="myauntlucysgifte00baltiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
286 <span class="booktitle">My Aunt Lucy's gift </span>
287 </span></div>
288 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="nosectinheaven00cleaiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
289 <span class="booktitle">No sect in heaven </span>
290 </span></div>
291 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="oldmotherbantry00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
292 <span class="booktitle">Old Mother Bantry </span>
293 </span></div>
294 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="originalpoemsfor00bathiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
295 <span class="booktitle">Original poems </span>
296 </span></div>
297 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="originalpoemsfor00tayl" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
298 <span class="booktitle">Original poems, for infant minds </span>
299 </span></div>
300 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="parleyspoeticalp00parliala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
301 <span class="booktitle">Parley's poetical present. With beautiful engravings </span>
302 </span></div>
303 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="percysyearofrhym00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
304 <span class="booktitle">Percy's year of rhymes </span>
305 </span></div>
306 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="peterprimsprofit00philiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
307 <span class="booktitle">Peter Prim's profitable present </span>
308 </span></div>
309 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="peterpryspuppets00philiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
310 <span class="booktitle">Peter Pry's puppet show </span>
311 </span></div>
312 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="phebeblackberryg00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
313 <span class="booktitle">Phebe, the blackberry girl </span>
314 </span></div>
315 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="picturefables00heyw" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
316 <span class="booktitle">Picture fables </span>
317 </span></div>
318 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="picturessongsfor00chiliala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
319 <span class="booktitle">Pictures and songs for the little ones </span>
320 </span></div>
321 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="piousjemimadolef00macliala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
322 <span class="booktitle">Pious Jemima; a doleful tale. With 180 </span>
323 </span></div>
324 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="pleasantrhymesfo00jose" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
325 <span class="booktitle">Pleasant rhymes for little readers, or, Jottings </span>
326 </span></div>
327 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="pleasingpoetrypi00newhiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
328 <span class="booktitle">Pleasing poetry and pictures </span>
329 </span></div>
330 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="pleasingtoy00nerviala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
331 <span class="booktitle">Pleasing toy </span>
332 </span></div>
333 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="poemsforlittleon00goul" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
334 <span class="booktitle">Poems for little ones </span>
335 </span></div>
336 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="poemsforourchild00haleiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
337 <span class="booktitle">Poems for our children </span>
338 </span></div>
339 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="poemsmychildrenl00john" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
340 <span class="booktitle">Poems my children love best of all </span>
341 </span></div>
342 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="poemsonvarioussu00kilniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
343 <span class="booktitle">Poems on various subjects, for the amusement </span>
344 </span></div>
345 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="poeticalblossoms00johniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
346 <span class="booktitle">Poetical blossoms </span>
347 </span></div>
348 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="poetryforchildre00lamb" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
349 <span class="booktitle">Poetry for children </span>
350 </span></div>
351 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="rhymesjinglesfor00heat" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
352 <span class="booktitle">Rhymes and jingles for a good child </span>
353 </span></div>
354 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="roseofaffection00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
355 <span class="booktitle">Rose of affection </span>
356 </span></div>
357 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="sadfateofpoorrob00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
358 <span class="booktitle">Sad fate of poor Robin </span>
359 </span></div>
360 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="sandmantime00gayl" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
361 <span class="booktitle">Sandman time </span>
362 </span></div>
363 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="schnickschnacktr00pletiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
364 <span class="booktitle">Schnick schnack </span>
365 </span></div>
366 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="simplepoemsforin00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
367 <span class="booktitle">Simple poems for infant minds </span>
368 </span></div>
369 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="simplestoriesinv00knigiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
370 <span class="booktitle">Simple stories in verse </span>
371 </span></div>
372 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="songsstories00andriala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
373 <span class="booktitle">Songs and stories </span>
374 </span></div>
375 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="songsforlittleon00wardiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
376 <span class="booktitle">Songs for the little ones at home </span>
377 </span></div>
378 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="songsofshiningwa00ives" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
379 <span class="booktitle">Songs of the shining way </span>
380 </span></div>
381 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="springblossomswi00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
382 <span class="booktitle">Spring blossoms </span>
383 </span></div>
384 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="springflowerssum00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
385 <span class="booktitle">Spring flowers and summer blossoms </span>
386 </span></div>
387 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="sweetsforleisure00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
388 <span class="booktitle">Sweets for leisure hours </span>
389 </span></div>
390 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="browniesthroughu00coxp2" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
391 <span class="booktitle">The brownies through the Union </span>
392 </span></div>
393 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="canarybirdorroll00abboiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
394 <span class="booktitle">The canary bird, or, The Rollo and </span>
395 </span></div>
396 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="cheerfulwarblero00yorkiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
397 <span class="booktitle">The Cheerful warbler, or, Juvenile song book </span>
398 </span></div>
399 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="childsbijou00jhbbiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
400 <span class="booktitle">The child's bijou </span>
401 </span></div>
402 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="childsbookconsis00sigoiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
403 <span class="booktitle">The child's book </span>
404 </span></div>
405 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="childscasketwith00worciala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
406 <span class="booktitle">The child's casket </span>
407 </span></div>
408 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="childsgemwithbea00worciala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
409 <span class="booktitle">The child's gem </span>
410 </span></div>
411 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="childsownbookcon00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
412 <span class="booktitle">The child's own book </span>
413 </span></div>
414 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="councilofdogs00rosciala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
415 <span class="booktitle">The Council of dogs </span>
416 </span></div>
417 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="cowslipmorecauti00turniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
418 <span class="booktitle">The cowslip, or, More cautionary stories in </span>
419 </span></div>
420 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="cowslipormore00turniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
421 <span class="booktitle">The cowslip, or, More cautionary stories in </span>
422 </span></div>
423 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="cowslipmorecau00turniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
424 <span class="booktitle">The cowslip, or, More cautionary stories in </span>
425 </span></div>
426 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="crocuscontaining00mjemiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
427 <span class="booktitle">The crocus </span>
428 </span></div>
429 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="crookedmanotherr00newyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
430 <span class="booktitle">The crooked man and other rhymes </span>
431 </span></div>
432 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="daisycautionar00turniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
433 <span class="booktitle">The daisy, or, Cautionary stories in verse </span>
434 </span></div>
435 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="daisyorcautionar00turniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
436 <span class="booktitle">The daisy, or, Cautionary stories in verse </span>
437 </span></div>
438 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="daisycaution00turniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
439 <span class="booktitle">The daisy, or, Cautionary stories in verse </span>
440 </span></div>
441 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="daisycautionary00turniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
442 <span class="booktitle">The daisy, or, Cautionary stories in verse. </span>
443 </span></div>
444 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="ducksthefrogstal00fireiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
445 <span class="booktitle">The ducks and the frogs </span>
446 </span></div>
447 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="eaglesmasque00tittiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
448 <span class="booktitle">The eagle's masque </span>
449 </span></div>
450 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="elephantsballgra00wbmuiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
451 <span class="booktitle">The elephant's ball, and grand fete champetre </span>
452 </span></div>
453 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="favoritestoryboo00arnoiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
454 <span class="booktitle">The favorite story book, or, Pleasing sketches </span>
455 </span></div>
456 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="feastoffishesorw00tyroiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
457 <span class="booktitle">The feast of the fishes, or, The </span>
458 </span></div>
459 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="goldenageofchild00hami" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
460 <span class="booktitle">The golden age of childhood </span>
461 </span></div>
462 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="goldengiftbookfo00weiriala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
463 <span class="booktitle">The Golden gift; a book for the </span>
464 </span></div>
465 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="historyofjackspr00catniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
466 <span class="booktitle">The history of Jack Spratt and his </span>
467 </span></div>
468 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="ivywreath00hughiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
469 <span class="booktitle">The ivy wreath </span>
470 </span></div>
471 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="juvenileannualor00maxwiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
472 <span class="booktitle">The juvenile annual, or, Holiday melodies </span>
473 </span></div>
474 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="juvenilescrapboo00bouiiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
475 <span class="booktitle">The juvenile scrap-book and youth's annual </span>
476 </span></div>
477 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="lifeofjacksprath00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
478 <span class="booktitle">The life of Jack Sprat, his wife, </span>
479 </span></div>
480 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="lifeofjacksprath00yorkiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
481 <span class="booktitle">The life of Jack Sprat, his wife, </span>
482 </span></div>
483 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="lifeofjacksprath00manciala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
484 <span class="booktitle">The life of Jack Sprat, his wife, </span>
485 </span></div>
486 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="littlekeepsake00feltiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
487 <span class="booktitle">The little keepsake </span>
488 </span></div>
489 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="littleplaymates00cinciala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
490 <span class="booktitle">The little playmates </span>
491 </span></div>
492 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="lulualphabet00colmiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
493 <span class="booktitle">The Lu Lu alphabet </span>
494 </span></div>
495 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="lullabywithorigi00feltiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
496 <span class="booktitle">The lullaby </span>
497 </span></div>
498 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mothersfablesin00aveliala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
499 <span class="booktitle">The mother's fables, in verse </span>
500 </span></div>
501 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mothersfablesinv00aveliala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
502 <span class="booktitle">The mother's fables, in verse. Designed, through </span>
503 </span></div>
504 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="mothersgift00yorkiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
505 <span class="booktitle">The mother's gift </span>
506 </span></div>
507 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="nobleprancingcan00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
508 <span class="booktitle">The Noble, prancing, cantering horse </span>
509 </span></div>
510 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="oldwomanhersilve00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
511 <span class="booktitle">The old woman and her silver penny </span>
512 </span></div>
513 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="originalmothergo00goodiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
514 <span class="booktitle">The original Mother Goose melodies </span>
515 </span></div>
516 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="parentspresentto00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
517 <span class="booktitle">The parents' present to their happy family </span>
518 </span></div>
519 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="peacockparrotont00mulriala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
520 <span class="booktitle">The Peacock and parrot on their tour </span>
521 </span></div>
522 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="playmateapleasan00cundiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
523 <span class="booktitle">The playmate </span>
524 </span></div>
525 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="playmatepleasant00cundiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
526 <span class="booktitle">The playmate </span>
527 </span></div>
528 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="poeticpresent00nortiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
529 <span class="booktitle">The Poetic present </span>
530 </span></div>
531 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="remarkableadvent00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
532 <span class="booktitle">The remarkable adventures of an old woman </span>
533 </span></div>
534 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="roundrabbit00leeaiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
535 <span class="booktitle">The round rabbit </span>
536 </span></div>
537 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="shepherdboy00portiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
538 <span class="booktitle">The shepherd boy </span>
539 </span></div>
540 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="storyofcatthemou00absoiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
541 <span class="booktitle">The Story of the cat and the </span>
542 </span></div>
543 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="sunflowerorpoeti00newhiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
544 <span class="booktitle">The Sun-flower, or, Poetical blossoms </span>
545 </span></div>
546 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="tootshisfriends00woodiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
547 <span class="booktitle">Toots and his friends </span>
548 </span></div>
549 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="twentysixchoice00wattiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
550 <span class="booktitle">Twenty six choice poetical extracts </span>
551 </span></div>
552 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="twentysixchoicep00wattiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
553 <span class="booktitle">Twenty six choice poetical extracts </span>
554 </span></div>
555 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="veryshortstories00clifiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
556 <span class="booktitle">Very short stories and verses for children </span>
557 </span></div>
558 <div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="vicissitudeorlif00glasiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
559 <span class="booktitle">Vicissitude, or, The life and adventures of </span>
560 </span></div>
561 <script type='text/javascript' language='javascript'>new Tip('curiousaccountof00arfliala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> A curious account of the origin of Fairlop Fair : with an entertaining description of the motley multitude who assemble on that occasion<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> A. R., fl. 1811<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> NUC pre-1956<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Fairs -- Great Britain,Children\'s poetry');
562 new Tip('littlegirltoherf00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> A Little girl to her flowers : in verse<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Gumuchian<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Flowers,Children\'s poetry');
563 new Tip('pleasingtoy00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> A pleasing toy<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Welch, D.A. Amer. children\'s books<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
564 new Tip('artfulanticks00herfiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Artful anticks<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Herford, Oliver, 1863-1935<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Light brown cloth over boards blocked in brown, gold and blind<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, American');
565 new Tip('budsflowersofchi00pletiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Buds and flowers of childish life<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Pletsch, Oscar, 1830-1888,Leighton, Charles Blair, 1823-1855,Leighton, George Cargill, 1826-1895,Leighton, Stephen<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Green sand-grain cloth over boards, blocked in black, gold and blind<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
566 new Tip('carrythecandle00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Carry and the candle<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Children -- Conduct of life');
567 new Tip('childrenofsunetc00gemm', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Children of the sun, etc., etc., etc. : poems for the young<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Gemmer, C. M. (Caroline M.)<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
568 new Tip('chimesrhymesfory00pletiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Chimes and rhymes for youthful times!<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Pletsch, Oscar, 1830-1888<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
569 new Tip('deborahdentandhe00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Deborah Dent and her donkey. And Madam Fig\'s gala : two humorous tales<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Gumuchian<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Donkeys,Children\'s poetry');
570 new Tip('deborahdentherdo00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Deborah Dent and her donkey. And Madam Fig\'s gala : two humorous tales : embellished with eighteen beautifully-coloured engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s tan printed stiff wrappers; publisher\'s advertisements on yellow inner wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Donkeys,Children\'s poetry, English');
571 new Tip('devotionalpoetry00john', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Devotional poetry for the children ..<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Johnson, Jane, compiler<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, Religious');
572 new Tip('disorderlygirl00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Disorderly girl<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> The proud girl -- The meek girl -- The neat little girl -- The disorderly girl -- The inattentive scholars<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children -- Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry');
573 new Tip('dollysdoings00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Dolly\'s doings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Dolly\'s doings -- A sad accident -- Playtime -- A little tale<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
574 new Tip('ethelskeepsake00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Ethel\'s keepsake<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s printed beige paper over boards; fragment of chromolithographed paper onlay on upper board<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry');
575 new Tip('fablesinversefro00daviiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Fables in verse : from Aesop, La Fontaine, and others<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Davis, Mary Anne,Corbould, H. (Henry), 1787-1844,Corbould, George James, 1786-1846<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Half wine-colored sheep and nonpareil marbled paper over boards; blue and red sprinkled edges<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
576 new Tip('fairysalbumwithr00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Fairy\'s album : with rhymes of fairyland<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Fairy\'s album -- The old woman who lived in a shoe -- Fairy\'s friends -- Peace and war -- Fairy\'s dream<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Fairies,Children\'s poetry, English');
577 new Tip('freshflowersforc00gord', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Fresh flowers for children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Gordon, Katherine Parker,Mother<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, American,Children in literature');
578 new Tip('freshflowersform00gord', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Fresh flowers for my children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Gordon, Katharine Parker,Mother<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
579 new Tip('gettingwelltales00bradiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Getting well : tales for little convalescents<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Bradford, Sarah H. (Sarah Hopkins), b. 1818,Marks, Edward N<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s green cloth, blocked in black, gold, and blind. Book prize plate pasted on upper pastedown. Gift of Jerome Cushman<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Convalescence,Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
580 new Tip('happychildlifein00pletiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Happy child life : in pictures<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Pletsch, Oscar, 1830-1888,Heaton, Charles, Mrs., 1836-1883<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Washing baby -- Infancy -- Spitz\'s education -- The organ boy -- Margaret\'s garden -- Little May -- Our baby-boy -- Little brook -- Pussy, dear pussy -- Margaret\'s music -- Summer-time -- First love -- The army\'s return -- Lady Tabbyskin\'s ball -- Off to the war -- The fall -- A village maid was I -- The old mill -- Little Daisy<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Illustrated children\'s books,Children\'s poetry, English');
581 new Tip('harrisonsamusing00deviiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Harrison\'s amusing picture and poetry book : containing seventy engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s printed yellow wrappers; illustrations on upper and lower wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Picture books for children,Children\'s poetry');
582 new Tip('henryorwandererr00defliala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Henry, or, The wanderer reclaimed : a sacred poem humbly addressed to British youth<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> De Fleury, Maria, fl. 1773-1791<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Brown paste paper over boards<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
583 new Tip('homesongsforlitt00newy', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Home songs for little people<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
584 new Tip('jackjill00otleiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Jack and Jill<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Illustrations on p. [1] and [8] are hand-colored<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
585 new Tip('jackjillolddameg00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Jack and Jill and old Dame Gill<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Watermarks: "1804" on leaf [8], "TM" on leaf [15]<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
586 new Tip('jackinbox00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Jack in the box<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Jack in the box -- Santa Claus -- My family -- Summer-time -- Clever piggy<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
587 new Tip('juliafannytwofri00horwiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Julia and Fanny, the two friends; or, the pleasure of kindness and reward of industry. Embellished with four neat engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Horwood, Miss<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Original printed buff wrappers, in case<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry');
588 new Tip('juvenilepoems00wendiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Juvenile poems<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Pork and beef.--What is veal.--What is mutton.--The value of order.--Bricks.--To a little girl that liked to look in the glass.--The Bee.--The Beggar.--The Nest.--Days, hours, and minutes.--Mamma and the baby<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, American');
589 new Tip('leavesforchristm00bostiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Leaves for a Christmas bough : love, truth, and hope<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Preface -- A letter from Santa Claus -- Rigolette -- A story for Minna -- A little story for Nellie and Mollie -- The school-teacher\'s song -- A letter -- A sketch: for the members of the "Sunrise Society" ... -- Scraps about dogs -- A letter from a little girl to a sick schoolmate -- Who is my neighbour? -- A few rhymes for Dan -- A story for little Emma -- A story told under the great elm tree -- A letter -- A conversation on fairs -- A true skecth for the two sisters -- Scraps from a journal picked up in a gale of wind -- An incident -- A story for Willie -- A letter -- Parody on the Mower\'s song -- A few rhymes for "Charlie Boy" -- A story for Lizzie -- The German musicians -- Letter from a little girl to an absent school-mate -- An account of a sea-shore visit -- A tribute to the memory of a Sunday school scholar -- A simple story for Georgy -- A story for sweet little Fanny -- Sketches from a fireside journal -- Unda, or the Fountain fairy -- Try again<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
590 new Tip('lifeadventuresof00delaiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Life and adventures of Mr. Pig and Miss Crane : a nursery tale<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Delaware, Lady,Crane, Thomas, 1808-1859<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> BM<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Animals,Children\'s poetry');
591 new Tip('littleannotherpo00tayliala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Little Ann and other poems<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Taylor, Jane, 1783-1824,Taylor, Ann, 1782-1866,Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Half green cloth and illustrated yellow paper over boards. Gift of Lily Bess Campbell<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
592 new Tip('littlederwentsbr00treviala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Little Derwent\'s breakfast<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Trevenen, Emily<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> NUC pre-1956<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Food,Children\'s poetry');
593 new Tip('littleemmaherfa00horwiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Little Emma and her father : a lesson for proud children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Horwood, Miss<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Rosenbach, A.S.W.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Pride and vanity,Children\'s poetry');
594 new Tip('littleemmaherfat00horwiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Little Emma and her father : a lesson for proud children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Horwood, Miss<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Quarter brown mottled calf and pink paper over boards<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Pride and vanity,Children\'s poetry');
595 new Tip('mammasdarling00bostiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Mamma\'s darling<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Mamma\'s darling -- The gray rabbit -- Mamma\'s story -- The apple-tree -- Coming home from school<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Children\'s stories');
596 new Tip('merrywordsformer00hoatiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Merry words for merry children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Hoatson, A<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s illustrated wrappers. Inscribed on verso of upper wrapper: Paul from Auntie. Purchase, Howard S. Mott, 2003<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English,Counting-out rhymes');
597 new Tip('miniatureunderwi00greeiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Miniature under the window : pictures & rhymes for children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> NUC pre-1956<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
598 new Tip('moraltalesinpros00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Moral tales in prose and verse<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Quarter red roan and marbled paper (printer\'s waste) over boards. Purchase, Peter Stockham at Images, 1997<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s stories, English,Children\'s poetry, English');
599 new Tip('mothergooseorold00greeiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Mother Goose : or, The old nursery rhymes<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901, ill,Evans, Edmund, 1826-1905<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Nursery rhymes,Children\'s poetry');
600 new Tip('mothergooseinwhi00goodiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Mother Goose in white : Mother Goose rhymes, with silhouette illustrations<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Goodridge, J. F<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Quarter green cloth and publisher\'s printed and illustrated yellow paper over boards. Colored in black. Wrappers printed "Nursery rhymes and melodies of Mother Goose"<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Nursery rhymes,Children\'s poetry');
601 new Tip('mothergooseschim00philiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Mother Goose\'s chimes, rhymes & melodies<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Brown cloth over boards blocked in gold and blind<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Nursery rhymes');
602 new Tip('mothergoosesmelo00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Mother Goose\'s melodies. Containing all that have ever come to light of her memorable writings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Green cloth over boards blocked in gold and blind<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Nursery rhymes,Children\'s poetry');
603 new Tip('mrpunchtuck00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Mr. Punch<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Mr. Punch -- A naughty somebody -- Little mothers -- By summer seas -- Dollies at the seaside -- Good-night<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
604 new Tip('myauntlucysgifte00baltiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> My Aunt Lucy\'s gift : embellished with coloured engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> The rose -- Good humour -- The fisherman -- The greedy chiid [i.e. child] -- Come when you are called -- The carriage -- The good scholar -- Going to bed<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Conduct of life');
605 new Tip('nosectinheaven00cleaiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> No sect in heaven<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Cleaveland, Elizabeth H. Jocelyn (Elizabeth Hannah Jocelyn), 1824-1911<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> NUC, pre-1956<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Society of Friends,Children\'s poetry');
606 new Tip('oldmotherbantry00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Old Mother Bantry<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s printed wrappers; upper wrapper chromolithographed in pink, red, and black; publisher\'s advertisement on lower wrapper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Cats,Children\'s poetry');
607 new Tip('originalpoemsfor00bathiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Original poems : for good children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> [Untitled] -- Good Dobbin -- The little Negro -- Poor donkey -- The quarrelsome dogs -- Poor Puss -- The dunce of a kitten -- For the Lord\'s Day-Evening -- The beggar\'s petition -- The busy bee<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
608 new Tip('originalpoemsfor00tayl', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Original poems, for infant minds<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Taylor, Jane, 1783-1824,Taylor, Ann, 1782-1866<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
609 new Tip('parleyspoeticalp00parliala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Parley\'s poetical present. With beautiful engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Parley, Peter<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Original printed green wrappers. Ex libris Elvan Karshner<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
610 new Tip('percysyearofrhym00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Percy\'s year of rhymes<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Green cloth over boards blocked in blind and gold. Inscription in ink dated January 1st, 1868 on upper free endpaper. Inscription in ink, Harry P.Clark, on title page<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
611 new Tip('peterprimsprofit00philiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Peter Prim\'s profitable present : to the little misses and masters of the United States<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Shoemaker<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
612 new Tip('peterpryspuppets00philiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Peter Pry\'s puppet show<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Rosenbach, A.S.W. Children\'s books<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Puppet plays,Children\'s poetry');
613 new Tip('phebeblackberryg00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Phebe, the blackberry girl<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Blue cloth over boards blocked in blind. Ex libris Olive Percival. Inscription in ink, "Olive Percival, Los Angeles, 1909", on upper free endpaper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Conduct of life');
614 new Tip('picturefables00heyw', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Picture fables<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Hey, Wilhelm, 1789-1854,Dalziel Brothers. egrs,Dulcken, H. W. (Henry William), 1832-1894,Speckter, Otto, 1807-1871,Dalziel, George, 1815-1902,Dalziel, Edward, 1817-1905<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Imperfect: p. 7-8 mutilated<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Fables, German,Children\'s poetry');
615 new Tip('picturessongsfor00chiliala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Pictures and songs for the little ones at home<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Children\'s paper<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
616 new Tip('piousjemimadolef00macliala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Pious Jemima; a doleful tale. With 180 illus<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> MacLush, John<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Red cloth over boards blocked in black, blind and gold<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Nonsense verses,Children\'s poetry,Girls');
617 new Tip('pleasantrhymesfo00jose', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Pleasant rhymes for little readers, or, Jottings for juveniles<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Josephine, fl. 1860,Kronheim, Joseph Martin, 1810-1896<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
618 new Tip('pleasingpoetrypi00newhiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Pleasing poetry and pictures : for the mind and the eye<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Illustrated printed yellow wrappers. Upper wrapper is dated 1850. Ex libris Elvah Karshner<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Conduct of life');
619 new Tip('pleasingtoy00nerviala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Pleasing toy<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Welch, D.A. Amer. children\'s books<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
620 new Tip('poemsforlittleon00goul', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Poems for little ones<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Gould, Hannah Flagg, 1789-1865<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
621 new Tip('poemsforourchild00haleiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Poems for our children : including Mary had a little lamb : designed for families, Sabbath schools, and infant schools : written to inculcate moral truths and virtuous sentiments<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell, 1788-1879<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s buff printed wrappers. Laid in blue case with 1830 edition and with dealer\'s description<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Children -- Conduct of life');
622 new Tip('poemsmychildrenl00john', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Poems my children love best of all<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Johnson, Clifton, 1865-1940, ed,Bassett, Mary R,Hammell, Will<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
623 new Tip('poemsonvarioussu00kilniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Poems on various subjects, for the amusement of youth<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Kilner, Dorothy, 1755-1836<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne collection of early children\'s books<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
624 new Tip('poeticalblossoms00johniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Poetical blossoms : being a selection of short poems ; intended for young people to repeat from memory<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Johnson, R. (Richard), 1733 or 4-1793<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Weedon, M.J.P. Richard Johnson and the successors to John Newbery (The Library, 5th ser., v. 4, no. 1, June 1949, 25-63)<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry');
625 new Tip('poetryforchildre00lamb', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Poetry for children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834,Lamb, Mary, 1764-1847,Green, Winifred,Gollancz, Israel, Sir, 1864-1930,Evans, Edmund, 1826-1905<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
626 new Tip('rhymesjinglesfor00heat', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Rhymes and jingles for a good child<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Heath, Gertrude E., b. 1859<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Nursery rhymes,Children\'s poetry, American');
627 new Tip('roseofaffection00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Rose of affection<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s printed green wrappers; woodcut vignette on upper wrapper; publisher\'s advertisement on lower wrapper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
628 new Tip('sadfateofpoorrob00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Sad fate of poor Robin<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s chromolithographed yellow wrappers; publisher\'s advertisement printed on lower wrapper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Birds,Children\'s poetry');
629 new Tip('sandmantime00gayl', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Sandman time<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Gaylord, Ilsien Nathalie<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, American');
630 new Tip('schnickschnacktr00pletiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Schnick schnack : trifles for the little-ones<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Pletsch, Oscar, 1830-1888, ill<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Nursery rhymes,Children\'s poetry');
631 new Tip('simplepoemsforin00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Simple poems for infant minds<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Buff printed wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
632 new Tip('simplestoriesinv00knigiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Simple stories in verse : being a collection of original poems designed for the use of children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Knight, Charles, 1743-1827?<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Owen, C.T. Handlist of ill. children\'s books<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Conduct of life');
633 new Tip('songsstories00andriala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Songs and stories<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Andrew, John, 1815-1875<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Pink printed and illustrated wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
634 new Tip('songsforlittleon00wardiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Songs for the little ones at home<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Ward, Mary O<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Brown cloth over boards, blocked in gold and blind. All edges gilt<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
635 new Tip('songsofshiningwa00ives', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Songs of the shining way<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Ives, Sarah Noble, 1864-1944<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, American');
636 new Tip('springblossomswi00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Spring blossoms : with eight coloured plates<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Spring blossoms -- Man Friday -- Jane and her needle -- The two doves -- My pretty Polly -- The new frock -- Robinson Crusoe -- My mother<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
637 new Tip('springflowerssum00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Spring flowers and summer blossoms<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> F,M<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> The snow-drop / F. -- Mayflowers / M. -- The wall-flower / M. -- Almond blossoms / F. -- Cowslips, primroses, and daisies / F<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
638 new Tip('sweetsforleisure00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Sweets for leisure hours<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s illustrated, tan stiff wrappers. Purchase, Stuart Bennett, 1999<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English,Conduct of life');
639 new Tip('browniesthroughu00coxp2', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The brownies through the Union<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Cox, Palmer, 1840-1924<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> NUC pre-1956 imp.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Fairies,Children\'s poetry,United States -- Juvenile poetry');
640 new Tip('canarybirdorroll00abboiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The canary bird, or, The Rollo and Lucy third book of poetry : original and selected<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879,Orr, Nathaniel<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s forest green bead-grain cloth over boards, blocked in gold and blind<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
641 new Tip('cheerfulwarblero00yorkiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Cheerful warbler, or, Juvenile song book<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Chapbooks, English,Children\'s poetry, English');
642 new Tip('childsbijou00jhbbiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The child\'s bijou<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> J. H. B<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Brown morocco-grain cloth over boards, blocked in gold, green, and blind; all edges gilt<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
643 new Tip('childsbookconsis00sigoiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The child\'s book : consisting of original articles : in prose and poetry<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Sigourney, L. H. (Lydia Howard), 1791-1865<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Purple fine morocco grain cloth over boards, blocked in blind and gold<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
644 new Tip('childscasketwith00worciala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The child\'s casket : with fine engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> "Don\'t fight back" -- Winter sport -- Playing in church -- Lost in the woods -- Learning to read -- The prisoner set free -- Penny wise -- The impatient pupil -- Disappointment -- Saturday afternoon<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
645 new Tip('childsgemwithbea00worciala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The child\'s gem : with beautiful engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Disbound<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
646 new Tip('childsownbookcon00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The child\'s own book : containing the alphabet, and easy lessons, in verse and prose : with The history of Polly Pleasant and Betsey Thoughtless<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Dutch floral wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories, English,Children\'s poetry, English');
647 new Tip('councilofdogs00rosciala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Council of dogs<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Roscoe, William, 1753-1831<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Moon, M. Harris (1992)<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Dogs,Children\'s poetry');
648 new Tip('cowslipmorecauti00turniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The cowslip, or, More cautionary stories in verse<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Turner, Mrs. (Elizabeth), d. 1846<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Moon, M. John Harris\'s books for youth<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry, English');
649 new Tip('cowslipormore00turniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The cowslip, or, More cautionary stories in verse<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Turner, Mrs. (Elizabeth), d. 1846<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Multicolored illustrated paper over boards; printed paper label on upper board; illustrated paper label on lower board<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry, English');
650 new Tip('cowslipmorecau00turniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The cowslip, or, More cautionary stories in verse : adapted to the capacities of children at an early age<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Turner, Mrs. (Elizabeth), d. 1846,Williams, Samuel, 1788-1853<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s printed tan stiff wrappers; publisher\'s advertisement on lower wrapper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry, English');
651 new Tip('crocuscontaining00mjemiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The crocus : containing original poems, for young people<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> J. E. M<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Moon, M. Harris (1992)<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
652 new Tip('crookedmanotherr00newyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The crooked man and other rhymes<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> NUC pre-1956<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
653 new Tip('daisycautionar00turniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The daisy, or, Cautionary stories in verse : adapted to the ideas of children from four to eight years old : embellished with thirty engravings on wood<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Turner, Mrs. (Elizabeth), d. 1846<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Moon, M. Harris (1992)<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry, English');
654 new Tip('daisyorcautionar00turniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The daisy, or, Cautionary stories in verse : adapted to the ideas of children from four to eight years old : illustrated with thirty engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Turner, Mrs. (Elizabeth), d. 1846<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Ex libris Olive Percival<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry, English');
655 new Tip('daisycaution00turniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The daisy, or, Cautionary stories in verse : adapted to the ideas of children from four to eight years old : with thirty engravings on wood<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Turner, Mrs. (Elizabeth), d. 1846<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Moon, M. Harris (1992)<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry, English');
656 new Tip('daisycautionary00turniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The daisy, or, Cautionary stories in verse. adapted to the ideas of children from four to eight years old<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Turner, Mrs. (Elizabeth), d. 1846<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Rosenbach, A.S.W. Children\'s books<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry, English');
657 new Tip('ducksthefrogstal00fireiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The ducks and the frogs : a tale of the bogs<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Fire-Fly, Fanny,Hartwell, Alonzo, 1805-1873,Billings, Hammatt, 1818-1874<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Yellow printed wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Ducks,Frogs,Animal welfare,Children\'s poetry');
658 new Tip('eaglesmasque00tittiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The eagle\'s masque<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Tit, Tom, fl. ca. 1808,Roscoe, William, 1753-1831,Dorset, Catherine Ann Turner, 1750?-1817?<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Birds,Children\'s poetry');
659 new Tip('elephantsballgra00wbmuiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The elephant\'s ball, and grand fete champetre : intended as a companion to those much admired pieces, The butterfly\'s ball, and The peacock "at home" : illustrated with elegant engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> W. B,Mulready, William, 1786-1863<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, English');
660 new Tip('favoritestoryboo00arnoiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The favorite story book, or, Pleasing sketches for youth<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Arnold, Clara<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Dark brown ribbed cloth over boards, blocked in gold and blind<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
661 new Tip('feastoffishesorw00tyroiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The feast of the fishes, or, The whale\'s invitation to his brethren of the deep<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Tyro, Theresa<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Moon, M. Harris\' (1992)<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Fishes,Children\'s poetry');
662 new Tip('goldenageofchild00hami', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The golden age of childhood<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Hamill, Katharine Forrest<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, American');
663 new Tip('goldengiftbookfo00weiriala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Golden gift; a book for the young<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Weir, Harrison, 1824-1906<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Blue cloth over boards, blocked in black, blind, and gold. All edges gilt<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Gift books,Children\'s poetry,Children\'s stories');
664 new Tip('historyofjackspr00catniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The history of Jack Spratt and his cat<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Catnach, James, 1792-1841<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Illustrations partially hand-colored<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
665 new Tip('ivywreath00hughiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The ivy wreath<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Hughs, Mrs. (Mary),Devereux, George T., b. ca. 1810,Rossiter, Thomas Prichard, 1818-1871<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Address to my young readers -- The young sailor -- Holidays in the country -- Generosity -- The young artist -- The two pets<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry,Aquatint');
666 new Tip('juvenileannualor00maxwiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The juvenile annual, or, Holiday melodies<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Maxwell, Mary H<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Brown diamond grain cloth over boards, blocked in blind and gold<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Conduct of life,Children\'s poetry');
667 new Tip('juvenilescrapboo00bouiiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The juvenile scrap-book and youth\'s annual<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Bouilly, Jean Nicolas, 1763-1842,Hall, S. C., Mrs., 1800-1881,Jerram, Mrs. (Jane Elizabeth Holmes)<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> The holidays / Jane Taylor -- The diamond / Jane E. Holmes -- What is death / Mrs. Gilman -- The foster sisters -- The lady-bug and the ant / Mrs. Sigourney -- Nursery discipline / related by Miss Fanny H. -- The hand-post / Jane Taylor -- The gipsey / related by Miss Harriett S. -- The milkmaid -- Prince Chao Kang -- Immortality -- The arm chair -- Emblems -- The louis d\'or / J. N. Bouilly -- Early rising -- Little ears / Mrs. S. C. Hall -- The mother tried / Mrs. S. C. Hall<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
668 new Tip('lifeofjacksprath00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The life of Jack Sprat, his wife, & cat<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Blue wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
669 new Tip('lifeofjacksprath00yorkiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The life of Jack Sprat, his wife, and his cat<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
670 new Tip('lifeofjacksprath00manciala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The life of Jack Sprat, his wife, and their comical cat<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Illustrations are hand-colored<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
671 new Tip('littlekeepsake00feltiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The little keepsake<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Felter, John D,Whitney, Elias James, b. 1827<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> The boat -- [Birds] -- The garden -- Throwing stones -- Use of flowers -- Evening song -- Happy home<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
672 new Tip('littleplaymates00cinciala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The little playmates<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Ex libris Elvah Karshner<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
673 new Tip('lulualphabet00colmiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Lu Lu alphabet<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Colman, Miss (Pamela Atkins), 1824-1900<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s quarter orange linen and illustrated paper over boards. Advertisement on lower board. Ex libris Elvah Karshner<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry, American');
674 new Tip('lullabywithorigi00feltiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The lullaby : with original engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Felter, John D<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Evening song -- Lullaby -- My baby -- The star -- The robins -- Come to me -- The nosegay -- Speckled hen -- Lullaby -- Snow -- The lamb -- Lullaby -- Hymn<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Lullabies, English,Children\'s poetry');
675 new Tip('mothersfablesin00aveliala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The mother\'s fables, in verse : designed, through the medium of amusement, to convey to the minds of children some useful precepts of virtue and benevolence<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Aveline, E. L,Taylor, Ann, 1782-1866,Taylor, Jane, 1783-1824<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Stewart, C.D. Taylors of Ongar<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Conduct of life');
676 new Tip('mothersfablesinv00aveliala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The mother\'s fables, in verse. Designed, through the medium of amusement, to correct some of the faults and follies of children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Aveline, E. L,Taylor, Ann, 1782-1866,Taylor, Jane, 1783-1824<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Grey paper over boards, lettered spine<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Conduct of life');
677 new Tip('mothersgift00yorkiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The mother\'s gift<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Christian life,Children\'s poetry');
678 new Tip('nobleprancingcan00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Noble, prancing, cantering horse : a new game of questions and commands ..<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Contemporary stiff orange wrappers with engraved label on upper wrapper. Spine and paper repairs; in case<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
679 new Tip('oldwomanhersilve00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The old woman and her silver penny : and Dame Trot<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s printed brown wrappers; pictorial upper wrapper; publisher\'s advertisement on lower wrapper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Swine,Obstinacy,Humorous poetry, English');
680 new Tip('originalmothergo00goodiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The original Mother Goose melodies<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Goodridge, J. F<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Quarter mauve cloth and illustrated off white paper over boards. Inscription dated 1878 on upper free endpaper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Nursery rhymes,Children\'s poetry');
681 new Tip('parentspresentto00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The parents\' present to their happy family : containing the poems of my father, mother, sister and brother, in imitation of Cowper\'s Mary<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne collection of early children\'s books<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Family');
682 new Tip('peacockparrotont00mulriala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Peacock and parrot on their tour to discover the author of "The peacock at home" : illustrated with engravings<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Mulready, William, 1786-1863,Dorset, Catherine Ann Turner, 1750?-1817?<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Spec. Coll. copy 1: Green printed wrappers. Ex libris Olive Percival<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
683 new Tip('playmateapleasan00cundiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The playmate : a pleasant companion for spare hours<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Cundall, Joseph, 1818-1895,Dalziel, Edward, 1817-1905,Dalziel, Joseph, 1815-1902,Harvey, William, 1796-1866,Mason, W. G,Sedgfield, William Russell, 1826-1902,Warren, Henry, 1794-1879<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Green rib grain cloth over boards, blocked in gold; all edges gilt; black leather label on spine<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
684 new Tip('playmatepleasant00cundiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The playmate : a pleasant companion for spare hours<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Cundall, Joseph, 1818-1895,Dalziel, Edward, 1817-1905,Dalziel, George, 1815-1902,Mason, W. G,Warren, Henry, 1794-1879,Harvey, William, 1796-1866,Sedgfield, William Russell, 1826-1902<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Half green calf and nonpareil marbled paper over boards; marbled edges<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
685 new Tip('poeticpresent00nortiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Poetic present<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Illustrated printed green wrappers. Inscription in pencil on p. [1]. Ex libris Elvah Karshner<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
686 new Tip('remarkableadvent00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The remarkable adventures of an old woman and her pig : an ancient tale in a modern dress<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Yellow printed wrappers, in case<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Swine');
687 new Tip('roundrabbit00leeaiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The round rabbit<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Lee, Agnes, 1868-1939<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
688 new Tip('shepherdboy00portiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The shepherd boy<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Printed purple wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Miniature books,Children\'s poetry');
689 new Tip('storyofcatthemou00absoiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Story of the cat and the mouse<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Absolon, John, 1815-1895,Weir, Harrison, 1824-1906<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> No bibliographical citations found<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry,Mice,Cats');
690 new Tip('sunflowerorpoeti00newhiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The Sun-flower, or, Poetical blossoms<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Ann and the cat -- The good scholar -- The new penny -- Improvement -- Clever Little Thomas -- The letter -- Evening hymn -- The tear<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
691 new Tip('tootshisfriends00woodiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Toots and his friends<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Woods, Kate Tannatt, 1838-1910<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Chromolithographed illustrated paper over boards<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Children\'s poetry');
692 new Tip('twentysixchoice00wattiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Twenty six choice poetical extracts : selected from celebrated authors : and printed from copper plates engraved expressly for the work : each embellished with a beautiful vignette, illustrative of the subject<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Watts, Isaac, 1674-1748,Barbauld, Mrs. (Anna Letitia), 1743-1825<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Quarter red sheep and marbled paper over boards. Inscription dated 1844 on upper free endpaper. Ex libris Olive Percival<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Religious poetry,Children\'s poetry');
693 new Tip('twentysixchoicep00wattiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Twenty six choice poetical extracts : selected from celebrated authors : and printed from copper plates engraved expressly for the work : each embellished with a beautiful vignette, illustrative of the subject<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Watts, Isaac, 1674-1748,Barbauld, Mrs. (Anna Letitia), 1743-1825<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne Coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Christian literature for children,Children\'s poetry');
694 new Tip('veryshortstories00clifiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Very short stories and verses for children<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Clifford, W. K., Mrs., d. 1929,Campbell, Edith<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s blue illustrated cloth blocked in black and gold. Purchase, Robert Temple. Gift of the Friends of CBC<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories, English,Children\'s poetry, English');
695 new Tip('vicissitudeorlif00glasiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Vicissitude, or, The life and adventures of Ned Frolic : an original comic song, for the entertainment of all good boys and girls in the British Empire<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Osborne coll.<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s poetry');
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