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<h2>Adventure and Adventurers</h2>
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<div class="collection-container" style="margin-top: 35px;">
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="adventureshuckle00twaiiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer's comrade)... </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="crusoegravesorsu00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">Crusoe Graves, or, The surprising adventures of </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="faggotsforfiresi00goodiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">Faggots for the fireside; or, Tales of </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="gilbertadventure00goodiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">Gilbert the adventurer; or, Travels in distant </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="huntedthroughfij00horsiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">Hunted through Fiji, or, Twixt convict and </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="nautilus00richiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">Nautilus </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="philthorndykesad00wilbiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">Phil Thorndyke's adventures </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="adventuresofharr00portiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The adventures of Harry Marline; or, Notes </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="childrenonplains00bakeiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The children on the plains </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="dacoitsmineorfig00kenyiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The dacoit's mine, or, A fight for </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="fortunesofcharlt00grooiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The fortunes of the Charlton family </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="historyofsindbad00gainiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The history of Sindbad the sailor </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="littlewandererso00johniala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The little wanderers, or, Interesting adventures of </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="questofgoldenpea00hutciala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The quest of the golden pearl </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="truestorybook00lang3" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The true story book </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="voyagestravelsof00derbiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The voyages and travels of Sindbad the </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="wonderfullifeand00defoiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The wonderful life and most surprising adventures </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="wonderfulwizardo00baumiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">The wonderful wizard of Oz </span>
<div class="thumbnail"><a class="category" id="uncleperegrineor00londiala" href=""><img class="bookcover" src=""></a><br />
<span class="booktitle">Uncle Peregrine, or, Annals and incidents of </span>
<script type='text/javascript' language='javascript'>new Tip('adventureshuckle00twaiiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer\'s comrade)...<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Twain, Mark, 1835-1910<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Spec. Coll. copy 1: Green cloth over boards, blocked in gold and black, in case. Ex libris Olive Percival. Gift of Jo Swerling<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Adventure and adventurers,Mississippi River -- Juvenile literature,Missouri -- Juvenile literature');
new Tip('crusoegravesorsu00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Crusoe Graves, or, The surprising adventures of an only son<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s blue printed wrappers<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Castaways,Adventure and adventurers,Survival after airplane accidents, shipwrecks, etc');
new Tip('faggotsforfiresi00goodiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Faggots for the fireside; or, Tales of fact and fancy<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Blue cloth over boards blocked in blind<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Children\'s stories,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('gilbertadventure00goodiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Gilbert the adventurer; or, Travels in distant countries<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Red cloth over boards blocked in blind and gold<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Voyages and travels,Adventure and adventurers,Asia -- Description and travel Juvenile literature');
new Tip('huntedthroughfij00horsiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Hunted through Fiji, or, Twixt convict and cannibal<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Horsley, Reginald Ernest, 1863-1926<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Printed blue cloth over boards<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Cannibalism -- Fiji,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('nautilus00richiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Nautilus<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Richards, Laura Elizabeth Howe, 1850-1943<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Pearl cloth over boards colored in black, yellow, and orange<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Sea stories,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('philthorndykesad00wilbiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Phil Thorndyke\'s adventures<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Wilbraham, Frances M<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s printed buff wrappers; upper wrapper printed in red and green<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Adventure and adventurers -- South America,Botany -- South America');
new Tip('adventuresofharr00portiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The adventures of Harry Marline; or, Notes from an American midshipman\'s lucky bag<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Porter, David D. (David Dixon), 1813-1891<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Brick red cloth over boards, blocked in black and gold<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Midshipmen,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('childrenonplains00bakeiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The children on the plains : a true story<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Baker, Sarah S. (Sarah Schoonmaker), 1824-1906<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Crimson sand-grain cloth over boards, blocked in blind; spine blocked in gold<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Adventure and adventurers -- West (U.S.),Conversion,Overland journeys to the Pacific');
new Tip('dacoitsmineorfig00kenyiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The dacoit\'s mine, or, A fight for fortune<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Kenyon, Charles R. (Charles Richard)<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s green cloth, illustrated<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Brigands and robbers -- Burma,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('fortunesofcharlt00grooiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The fortunes of the Charlton family<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Groome, William H. C<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publishers color-illustrated paper over boards<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Family,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('historyofsindbad00gainiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The history of Sindbad the sailor : containing an account of his several surprising voyages and miraculous escapes<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Imperfect copy: Sig. Al (frontispiece?) wanting<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Voyages, Imaginary,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('littlewandererso00johniala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The little wanderers, or, Interesting adventures of two pretty orphans<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Johnson, R. (Richard), 1733 or 4-1793<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Weedon, M.J.P. Richard Johnson and the successors to John Newbery (The Library, 5th ser., v. 4, no. 1, June 1949, 25-63)<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Adventure and adventurers,Voyages, Imaginary,Orphans,Guardian angels,Africa, North -- Juvenile fiction,Saudi Arabia -- Juvenile fiction');
new Tip('questofgoldenpea00hutciala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The quest of the golden pearl<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Hutchinson, J. R. (John Robert), 1858-1921<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Red cloth over boards, blocked in brown, black, and gold, head edge gilt<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Boys -- Conduct of life,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('truestorybook00lang3', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The true story book<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Berg Coll. copy contains Robert Peel Sheldon\'s bookplate on paste-down endpaper; Joan Whitney\'s bookplate on free endpaper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> History,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('voyagestravelsof00derbiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The voyages and travels of Sindbad the sailor : giving a full account of his seven wonderful voyages<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s printed lavender wrappers; publisher\'s advertisement on lower wrapper<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Voyages, Imaginary,Adventure and adventurers');
new Tip('wonderfullifeand00defoiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The wonderful life and most surprising adventures of that renowned hero, Robinson Crusoe, who lived twenty-eight years on an uninhabited island : which he afterwards colonised<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Welch, D.A. Amer. children\'s books<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Castaways,Adventure and adventurers,Survival after airplane accidents, shipwrecks, etc');
new Tip('wonderfulwizardo00baumiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> The wonderful wizard of Oz<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919,Denslow, W. W. (William Wallace), 1856-1915<br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Publisher\'s green and red illustrated cloth over boards; illustrated endpapers. Plate detached<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Adventure and adventurers,Wizards');
new Tip('uncleperegrineor00londiala', '<b>Full Title:<\/b> Uncle Peregrine, or, Annals and incidents of romantic adventure<br \/><br \/><b>Author:<\/b> <br \/><br \/><b>Details:<\/b> Half blue calf and marbled paper over boards. Spine tooled in gold. Brown leather label on spine. Ex libris Olive Percival<br \/><br \/><b>Subjects:<\/b> Adventure and adventurers,Sailors');
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