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Hello! James cleaned up the code a bit to support the next revision of "Ebook Enlightenment." Can you update the master repo? Thanks!

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@webchickbot webchickbot Edited README via GitHub 04935dd
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@webchickbot webchickbot removing invisible files f231199
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Adventure and AdventurersCategory.html via GitHub f008c94
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited AnimalsCategory.html via GitHub 75e0c40
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited BirdsCategory.html via GitHub eaa81ce
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Brothers and SistersCategory.html via GitHub 3349e3e
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited CatsCategory.html via GitHub 5d40b18
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Children's LiteratureCategory.html via GitHub c416ce1
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Children's PoetryCategory.html via GitHub f97c3f7
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Children's StoriesCategory.html via GitHub 4a230dd
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Conduct of LifeCategory.html via GitHub c2b402e
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited DogsCategory.html via GitHub facaaf2
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Fairy TalesCategory.html via GitHub 5850c90
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Juvenile FictionCategory.html via GitHub 9345cde
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Juvenile LiteratureCategory.html via GitHub e1d791b
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Moral EducationCategory.html via GitHub e3b8621
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Natural HistoryCategory.html via GitHub 84c1eea
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Nursery RhymesCategory.html via GitHub dd3045f
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Picture Books for ChildrenCategory.html via GitHub a7d94df
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited Voyages and TravelsCategory.html via GitHub f9bcde6
@webchickbot webchickbot Edited categories.html via GitHub fc55d2b
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@webchickbot webchickbot removing outdated zip file 5cccfc5
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Commits on Jun 14, 2011
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    removing outdated zip file

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