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Scripts for ArchivesSpace cleanup and reporting
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ArchivesSpace Reporting and Cleanup Python Scripts

To run these scripts, you will need the following libraries installed:

You will also need to edit the script with your credentials here:

client = ASnakeClient(baseurl='xxx',


  • reports the physical extent of a local ASpace instance's Accessions entered in a fiscal year as a CSV file. (This goes by the creation date of the record, not the accession identifier itself.)

  • reports the presence of bracketed HTML code in resource record titles, object record titles, and notes texts as CSV files.

  • reports the high level storage locations for each collection in a local ASpace instance as a CSV file. The report is a master list detailing which collections are stored where (for example, on-site vs local storage vs Iron Mountain), as well as determines if the finding aid includes that data correctly in the "Conditions Governing Access" field.

  • all_objects_report: reports all digital objects, featuring information on linked records, extents, and notes.

  • See also Aspace Comma Endings: looks for resource/digital object titles that end with a comma and changes all of the matching titles found.

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