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Prometheus Example - Job Processor

This Job Processor example provides a complete working demonstartion that complements this blog post on monitoring Go applications with Prometheus.

The releases under the v1.0.0 major version provide a walk-through using commits of how to add these metrics to your services. For example, you can run the following command to see the changes required to add a metric for tracking the total number of jobs processed by the workers.

$ git diff v1.1.0..v1.2.0

To run the full example, check out the v1.4.0 version of the codebase and start the go service using the following command.

$ go run job-processor/main.go

Then, you can start the demo Grafana and Prometheus server provided by the example by using docker compose. To start the servers, execute the following commands.

$ cd job-processor
$ docker-compose up

You should then be able to open Grafana in your browser by visiting http://localhost:3000. Once you have opened Grafana, you can login using admin as the username and admin as the password. Then, you can view the example dashboard by opening the Job Processor dashboard.