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A Most Very Unofficial Guide to the W65C265SXB

The W65C265SXB ("265SXB" for short) is an engineering development board produced -- basically a single-board computer in the same sense as the Raspberry Pi -- by the Western Design Center (WDC). It is based on the W65C265S microcontroler, which in turn has a 65816 MPU at its core -- the 8/16-bit hybrid "big sibling" of the famous 6502 MPU that powered classic computers such as the VIC-20 and Apple II. Because of the hybrid nature of the 65816, the 265SXB is pretty much the simplest way to get started with a 6502 system.

This document is an unofficial guide to setting up, programming, expanding, and using the 265SXB. It supplements the official documentation provided by WDC.


First Steps

Overview: What's in the box.
Setup: Getting the 265SXB up and running.
First Programs: Simple things to do with the 265SXB right out of the box.
Uploading Programs: How to enter and/or upload programs to the 265SXB.


Memory: Out of the box configuration, how chip select signals are generated.
Flash: How to install, select a bank, and erase and program the flash memory chip under software control.
Serial Lines: Connecting USB serial adapters to the serial lines of the 265SXB.


WDC Tools: Installing and working with the WDC development packages.
The Monitor: Using the built-in Mensch Monitor program, a miniature operating system.
Clock and Timers: Using the built-in clock functions.

Projects and Expansions

Expansions: Expansion boards, also known as "daughter boards" or shields.


Link list: Useful links.
Erratum: List of known errors in the Manual and bugs in the Mensch Monitor ROM listing.


Various members of the Forum contributed to this document and gave invaluable advice.


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