SWEN-444 Prototype project of an online video editor that allows groups to collaborate on editing videos
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README Collaborative Video Editor

A group project for SWEN-444 of a prototype for an online video editor that allows groups to collaborate on editing videos. No instalation is required! The index.html file just needs to be opened in a modern web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Implemented functionalities include:

  1. Sending chat messages, which appear in the chatbox.
  2. Sharing videos to social media or saving them to your device.
  3. Adding new videos.
  4. Selecting tools to edit videos with. Each tool's name appears when their icon is hovered over.

Unsupported features:

  1. Adding a video that's new to the system.
  2. Allowing groups to see each other's chat messages.
  3. Exporting the selected video.
  4. Sharing videos directly through social media instead of simple linking to their websites.
  5. Functional editing tools.
  6. Playing or pausing a video.
  7. Seeing the selected video's timeline or audio timeline.
  8. Searching for specific videos.

This project is not intended to be completed as a functional product. Our intent is only to produce a high-fidelity prototype so that we can evaluate it's theoretical user interface and experience.