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SWEN-440: Project 2

Fall 2018

Online Ordering System


The system consists of three main components: a command line order entry module, a central processing module and a data storage module.

  • The order entry module handles all communication with the user
  • The data storage module handles all communication with the underlying file system.
  • The central processing system coordinates the activities across the system taking requests from the order entry module and interacting with the data storage layer to fulfill the request.


A key component of understanding and extending the Online Ordering System is its architecture. Management expects each team to fully document the architecture and how they plan to extend it. Components to consider in developing the architecture documentation are the key drivers, the Architectually Significant Requirements the team is addressing, the architecture itself, and how the chosen architecture addresses the drivers.


The Online Ordering System was developed using the Java language. The developers used IntelliJ IDEA, atom, and vsCode as their principle development tools. Development work was done in both Ubuntu and Windows 10. However, the customer has explicitly asked that the final product run on Windows 10.

Coding Style

The management team fired the last set of architects and developers because they could not agree on architectural direction or coding styles and conventions. This inability has led to a slightly brittle system that is at risk of falling behind its primary competitor, that South American company, Amazon.

The management team strongly believes that consistency in coding will yield a better result and a better final grade.


  • Java 8 : Refactoring work done over the life of the ordering system has resulted in dependencies on newer versions of Java. Currently, streams and lambda expressions are used.

    The customer is open to upgrading to newer Java versions if the architecture team identifies functionality that would enhance functionality of the system or readability of the resulting code.

  • Lombok Library: Lombok annotations are used in places to auto-generate getters and setters.

  • JUnit Library: Included but never used.

  • MySql: will need to install mysql commmandline to create the server


The development team choose Maven as their build tool. Maven 3.1.0 and 3.3.9 have both been successfully used.

run initalize.sql in the mysql command line by typing 'source (root install directory)\initialize.sql'

With Maven installed, run 'mvn clean compile assembly:single' from the root install directory

Running the Online Ordering System

type or in the command prompt from the root install directory


Supplier Password is 1234