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I've created two projects in Scout, but when I look at the listing on the left column of the app, they are both called "sass". Is there a way to rename them so I can identify the projects they are associated with?


It's based entirely on the name of the project folder you initially choose. So if you have a project folder named taco website and there is a folder in its called sass then your scout project should be called taco website. Don't pick the sass folder for your project.


You should be able to double click on the name and rename. BOOM! done.


Feature has been implemented into the master branch. Will be in the next release.

Closing this issue. I'll notify you guys when the next version of Scout-App is released.

TheJaredWilcurt commented Oct 1, 2016 edited

@pelofitness @garypaul

There is a new release of Scout-App available for download.

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